Monthly update: March 2018

Hello, visitors! How are you? Well, I hope!

Before I begin: this is not an April’s Fools post. Just in case.

As promised, I’m here with a quick update on my monthly writing goals. 

This month was a little more irregular than most, as I have been very busy and also away from home for a few days on a trip with the parents (check my previous post for details on that), but it was actually a pretty decent one.

March goal: 31,000 words (to the original plan of 1,000 words per day)

Words written in March: 43,416. I’m not putting in an average, as my daily writing varies wildly, and I haven’t written anything at all on the 29th, last day I was out of town.

Well… I guess that’s it. It wasn’t really much for today, but it’s Sunday, it’s 9 PM, and… I’m lazy. I’ll do better next weekend (or maybe I’m lying because it’s April’s Fools).

Many blessings, and see you on the next post!


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