Character Profile: Mackenzie Blackburn

Hello, visitors! How are  you all? Well, I hope!

As promised a few posts ago, here I come back with another weekend post! I really wish I could post more often, but sadly time doesn’t allow for that right now. We’ll see about that in the future.

For now, I’ll just shoot out another completely useless post, because you know… that’s what I do, right?

Today’s post is a character profile. I have loads of these, so some of them will probably make their way here to the blog. If I were to put all of mine here, I would have material for years, but I would have to put several undeveloped characters up, so I’ll just pick out some of the best developed ones, or the ones I care more deeply about.

Before I get started, I’m going to leave a warning here: this story deals with rape, murder and abuse in general. If you do not like reading about these themes, please stop here. Thank you.

General information

Name: Mackenzie Blackburn

Age: 22 years old

Appearance: I tend to use Kaya Scodelario as her visual representation. The main difference is that Mackenzie has her back entirely scarred, deriving from childhood abuse.

Personality: Mackenzie is a very guarded person. She’s kind and generous, but quite suspicious of most people around her, especially men, due to her past life. She has a hard time trusting people, especially strangers, but, once she befriends someone, she’ll be by that person’s side through thick and thin.

Family: N/A

Significant other: Currently, Nicola Bianchi, as she is currently involved in an ongoing story.

Personal history:

Mackenzie was born to unknown people, and left at a catholic home for orphans. She lived there up until she was eight, learning the basics of reading, writing, and singing in the church choir. At eight, she was adopted by a couple, from which she got her surname, Blackburn. 

Her adopted mother, as housewife, was a kind, but weak-willed lady. Her father, a car mechanic, was an abusive and brutal man. When Mackenzie was thirteen, her mother, who was the main target to his rage, left home, leaving her daughter behind. 

From then on, Mackenzie replaced her mother as the target of her father’s abuse, being physically, emotionally and sexually abused on a daily basis, resulting on the several scars she has on her back, and even worse emotional ones.

When Mackenzie was sixteen, tired of being abused, Mackenzie snapped. She was working on a car, when her father told her to wash up nicely after work because he would want to ‘talk’ to her. She lost her cool and grabbed the nearest tool, attacking the man on a murderous rage. Once done with her ‘job’, she ran away from the house, being picked up pretty easily by a police car, and spending the next few years incarcerated, before being granted a suspended sentence, as she was very young and acting under emotional distress and abuse.

Once released, Mackenzie moved out of her native Texas to start a new life in Titus, a lower class area, where she found a job at a garage and rented a small apartment, hoping for a quiet life.

That’s where her roleplay history begins.

To list all of the events that have happened in this story would be too long. So, I will let you guys know where my lovely girl is now:

  • She is living with a man she has tried everything not to fall in love with, but fell hard – and he fell for her just as hard;
  • She is being threatened by his father and brother – his father, because he thinks she has brainwashed his son into turning his back on his (Mafia involved) family. And his brother, because he has devoted his life to taking everything away from Nicola;
  • She is getting along famously with his mother and sisters, and feeling like she may become an actual part of a family for the first time;
  • She has an engagement ring on her finger;
  • She has a baby on the way – but she doesn’t know it yet.

All in all, she is very happy right now. The future will tell what is still on her path. Maybe I’ll fill out an update some day!

Many blessings, and see you on the next post!


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