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Hello, visitors! How are you all? Well, I hope!

Hope you’re all enjoying your current season! Right now, it’s fall where I am, and that means nice days, cooler nights, and rain, a lot of rain. That also means my favorite season is just around the corner. I can’t wait for winter!

For those right up there in the Northern Hemisphere (most of you), it’s spring, right? Hope you’re all enjoying it and excited for summer!

All pleasantries aside, I come here with a shorter post today, aimed at my fellow writers!

I don’t know about you all, but I have a plethora of plot ideas, sometimes (oftentimes) more than I know what to do with. But there’s one point in which writer’s block never fails to catch me – naming characters.

I know, lame, right? I can come up with several characters, traits, origin stories, personalities, etc, etc… and I can’t name them.

After suffering a lot, I decided to turn to Google for help with this predicament. And, as it often happens, Google has delivered.

Thus began my love story with Behind the Name. Simply put, it’s a website where you can generate random names for your characters. You get to pick from many origins, and some other bits, like Fantasy, Witch, etc. And, if you click one of the names, you get the origin and variations, which’s always good if you want to make a little change or just learn more about your chosen name. It’s definitely worth a read for those who enjoy giving their character meaningful names or just, like me, struggle with naming them.

There you go, that was what I had to share for today. Just one of the many tools in my ‘lazy-ass writer’ toolbox. I hope you enjoy it and it fills a need if there’s one!

Now, how about you share your tools with me? Do you have any site you use for this kind of block? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

Many blessings, and see you on the next post!

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