Monthly update: May 2018

Hello, readers!

How are you all? Well, I hope!

As usual, I come here today with another update, to keep track of how useless I am month after month. You know, nothing new under the sun.

A brief explanation for those who have just landed here: As my 2018 resolution, I have decided to write at least 1,000 words per day every month. Not necessarily writing them all in one day, but, if possible, doing it every day. Anything written that is not for work counts: blog posts, roleplay posts, solo writing, etc. As long as it counts as creative writing, it’s fair game. 

With that explanation out of the way, let’s go to the track record for May.

May goal: 31,000 words

Words written in May: 48,541 words

May was a pretty good month, writing-wise. I have kept up with my e-mail partners, found a new lovely one, and started writing on a new site. I have sadly dropped my old one – still pending a decision on whether or not I’ll shut it down, as nobody has been posting at all -, but that one had been dragged solely by me and a friend who tried to help me, just for me to end up deciding it wasn’t fair to do this to him and start something off without the commitment of him helping me keep the site alive.

Moving forward, I plan on keeping the blog open, and start writing again in Portuguese. I have a lot of plans for both blogs, I plan on posting pretty much anything on both – pictures, recipes, stories from my past, creative writing, character profiles, etc. 

Well, that’s it for now. I will be back soon with another post, but before I get out of here, I’d like you all to share your writing or blogging plans for the future, if you will!

See you on the next post!

7 thoughts on “Monthly update: May 2018”

  1. I’d like reading some day something from you in Portuguese too :P My blog is also half in English half in Romanian, depending what I am writing about. (About RPGs in English, about my novels in Romanian, other things it depends).

    I can mostly understand Portuguese, more written than spoken (and if spoken, more Brazilian than Portuguese accent, even if I am a fan of Amalia Rodrigues’ fados – and of Lucelia Santos’ telenovelas, so yes, I know how both types of Portuguese sound. And I went to Portugal in 1998 for a few days, I caught the World Exhibition there too .) It comes with speaking Romanian, Spanish and French… (and yes, I understand Italian and Catalan too. Italian about 75%, Catalan and Portuguese about 60%)

    I wrote about 35,000 words in May. Some at two novels (I finished one of them), some for the two RPGs I am on, and a little for 2 short stories.

    My plans for the future? In June, I’ll submit to the publisher the novel I revised for Camp NaNo April, and I’ll finish another novel (I still have 2 half-chapters left – it’s the one I had been working on for NaNoWriMo in November, but it wasn’t finished). And maybe I’ll write a couple of short stories…

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    1. I’ll be sure to share once the blog’s ready! I’m still working on the details, etc.

      I’m super impressed that you can understand Portuguese, and with the other languages too! I can only speak Portuguese and English, and understand Spanish, French and Italian (spoken), mostly from working in the tourism/hospitality industry.

      Well done with the novel, I wish I could understand Romanian so I could read your novels, I’m really curious about what you write! Thanks for dropping by, and for the comment, yours are always great! :)

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  2. You already know that I am Elena (Marina Costa is my writer penname). And I think, if reading something in Romanian, with the will to understand and an associative thinking, after a while you’ll realize you understand something too :) For a start, I am sure you’ll understand just a little :) Because we are Latin brothers. For example, I am giving you a fragment from my newest published book, PRIETENII DREPTĂȚII (yes, I know, prieten=friend is taken from the Slavic neighbours, but you say something close to DREPT too (right)- DIREITO or something. It would sound more like “Rightness’ friends”, because Justice has another nuance than rightness, and it is not the appropriate one for the name of a teen gang :P And yes, Cea care plange, the weeping one, is the one from Chavela Vargas’ traditional Mexican song:

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    1. Wow. I can say I can vaguely understand some (mostly by extrapolating from Latin) of the part you have shared. I loved it, and it’s gonna be fun to spend more time trying to ‘decipher’ everything, thank you so much for sharing. Yours is a beautiful language!

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  3. Yours is beautiful too :) And I told you that I like more your Brazilian pronunciation than the Portuguese one, more closed.

    I was joking once when discussing Brazilian telenovelas, years ago, that, in the matter of accent, Brazilians are like our people from the SW area where we have borders with Bulgaria AND Serbia (“the point where you hear the roosters sing in 3 countries”). Around Timisoara, yes, and we call that region Banat.

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