Sunshine blogger award

The logo. I’m supposed to display this.

Hello, readers!

Yes, it’s me again. I know I just posted yesterday, but I’m being forced to post today again. Yes, that’s my story and I’ll stick to it.

Why am I posting today, you ask? Well… I was nominated for another blogging award by the Jerky Robot, aka Non Euclidean Sofa, who loves to watch my misery while cackling, probably.

From what I have learned (copied from NES’s blog is more accurate), this award is given to bloggers who “are creative, positive, and inspiring, while spreading sunshine to the blogging community”. It really honors me to receive this, especially since this blog is the most random thing to ever grace the internet. I don’t really think of myself as this positive and inspiring person, but I’ll totally roll with it. Why not?

Now, as with every blog award, there are rules, so let’s post them here and move on, shall we?

The rules of this award are,

Thank the blogger who nominated you in the blog post and link back to their blog.
Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo in your post/or on your blog.

Let’s get started. First, thank you, Jerky Robot (Non Euclidean Sofa), for nominating me. 

The rules and logo have already been dealt with, so I’ll move on to the questions and nominating people – though I doubt I’ll manage to nominate 11 people for this.

1- What something nice you did that you think about when you’re trying to feel like a good person?

Probably all the times I patiently stalk people at the mall to let them know their shoelaces are undone or they dropped money.

2- What’s a random thing about you that you would tell someone you’d just met at a party?

I’m the queen of oversharing random stuff, so it could be anything. Since this is a party, I would probably bore them with tales of my refusal to drink alcohol and the reasons for it. I’m fun at parties.

3- What is something weird you’ve slept through? I’ve missed at least 2 earthquakes.

The intruder alarm in my building. Something apparently got caught up on our electric fence, and the alarm has woken up everyone in the building, except for yours truly. Good to know I would be toast if there was an actual reason for that alarm.

4- How would you convince a small cat with no history of granting favors to bring you a bottle of berry-flavored sparkling water because you don’t want to leave bed? Asking for a friend.

I would probably stay in bed, looking at the cat and trying to use my mind powers. And fail miserably, because I barely have a mind, let alone powers.

5- What is something that helps you write?

The compulsion to give my unsolicited opinion about everything. Seriously.

6- What is something you want to write about but haven’t yet?

Well. Honestly, I want to write something sci-fi-ish in the future, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. It’s one of the 107 (and counting – this number is random) projects I have listed.

7- How would you describe your the theme song to a show that was made about your life?

The theme song would probably be something instrumental. Which would mean random instruments playing all at once without in any way trying to sound organized. Just like my life.

8- What do you think people remember about you when you’re not around? For me, I think it would be my puns and the fact that I obviously never make eye contact and instead use my eyes to bore a hole straight into their forehead.

Definitely the fact that I’m often silently watching and listening to them, and then, for some weird reason, have a burst of ‘talking your ear off’ before falling silent again. Sorry, I’m weird, okay?

9- Do you have a favorite curse word?

Definitely. ‘Puta’ (in portuguese, basically whore – goes only for females). Whenever I’m pissed off, everyone is a ‘puta’ – men too. I don’t care, I just want to say ‘puta’. I call my best friend ‘puta’ sometimes too, but that’s in a loving way and she knows it.

10- Would you show your blog to people you barely know?

Oh, yeah, for someone as introverted as I am, I’m surprisingly shameless about sharing my blog with others.

11- I don’t know, this award is supposed to be all happy and that is really not my forte. What is a wholesome fact about you?

A wholesome fact about me… Hmm… Maybe the fact that, despite me being incredibly impatient in general, I’m extremely patient with people who need it the most – small children, the elderly, people with special needs? Something within me switches on when around those more vulnerable and I want to help them.

Well, that’s it. It was pretty painless to actually answer those questions. Now, I have to nominate people and ask questions about them. That will be fun.

So, here are the blogs I’m nominating:

1- Musings by Shayne;

2- The Lockwood Echo

3- The misadventures of an intelligent mom who does silly stupid stuff

I recommend all of these blogs for those who haven’t read them yet, as they’re all very entertaining to read. And I apologize if some of these have already been nominated – I’m gonna nominate you again anyway.

Now, for the questions:

1- What is your favorite day of the week?
2- What is your favorite beverage (it doesn’t have to be alcoholic)?
3- What is your dream trip? It can be going back somewhere you loved.
4- What fact would you share if someone asked you the funniest thing about you?
5- What is one thing you’d love to learn?
6- Is there something you’ll always stop to look at when walking around?
7- If you could have an endless fund to buy something, what would it be?
8- What is your favorite activity in life?
9- Share a little quirk about you.
10- What is a store you can get lost in?
11- Share something inspiring someone has told you.

Well, I guess that’s it. Now I have to go subject the people I nominated to this award, and hope they won’t cuss me out. I’m a sensitive little flower (not).

Thanks for reading, see you on the next post, and visit the blogs I linked! You won’t regret it!


10 thoughts on “Sunshine blogger award”

  1. I was terrified you’d turn around and nominate me back. This was great, and I should start living up to my robotic reputation more and post about not feeling feelings and having a strange affinity for the smell of petroleum.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the nomination. I both love and hate you. If I were knowledgable enough I would do the strike out text but I already forgot so just know I am sticking my tongue out at you 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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