I’m still here

Hello, people! How are you all? Well, I hope! I just had to drop by a little to let you all know I'm not dead (unless I'm lying to you all and the afterlife does provide wireless service - I guess we'll never know). With work stress, running around like a headless chicken to prepare … Continue reading I’m still here


Talking about abortion

Hello, readers! How is everyone? Well, I hope! Warning: mentions of sexual abuse. I come here today to talk about another of those somewhat-uncomfortable themes.  Abortion. Now, I suppose it's not a very uncomfortable theme for people whose countries have a woman's right to abort written into their laws. Mine doesn't.  This is what the laws … Continue reading Talking about abortion

Random thing I like: werewolves

Hello, people! How are you all? Well, I hope. I'm... doing better, so I'm back here to ramble on about something you probably don't even care much about. Yes, children, this crazy lady is gonna talk about werewolves today.  Why werewolves? Because. Just because. To be honest, it's just one of those themes one is … Continue reading Random thing I like: werewolves