July 2018 Update

Hello, readers! How are you all? Well, I hope!

As it has become a somewhat loose tradition, here I am again posting a bit of an update with what happened last month and what I plan to do going forward.

Writing: Got to a total of 45,478 words written last month, counting solo projects, posts for both blogs and roleplay posts (which currently make up the bulk of my writing).

Personal: I’m still running around trying to sort everything out to have surgery, but it’s gonna take a while more. I have managed to talk to the surgeon, and he already had my chart, since he and my regular care provider staff the same clinic, so she had to simply forward it to him prior to our consultation, which spared me the time of answering the same questions over and over. Our consultation was quick because he had to ask me to run several tests – blood, X-ray, etc – and go back there to see if I’m okay to have the surgery. I’m hopeful, but I’ve been in quite some pain lately, so I may be slowing down a little until I feel better.

Future plans for the blog and other future stuff: I plan on keeping this blog open, and have a list of planned posts to write here. Now that I’m launching another blog (in Portuguese) and working on a novel I have tried to write since 2016 (also in Portuguese), I’ll have to pace myself so I don’t stretch myself too thin. Still, I plan on posting here at the very least a couple times a week, so don’t think you’re getting rid of me.

Well. I guess that’s it. I just wanted to post a very quick update since we’re starting a new month.

I’d love for you all to share your own plans for August.

See you all on the next post! ;)

4 thoughts on “July 2018 Update”

    1. Thank you, dear! <3 It's nothing overly serious, and I'm sure I'll be back on my feet in no time after the whole affair! I'm very curious about your goals, do share them if you plan something! ;)


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