We need to talk about mental health

Hello, readers! How are you all? Well, I hope! I’m doing just fine, little issues and problems everyone faces aside.

And since I’m having a pretty good day, I decided to come here to open up a conversation we all really need to have – mental health.

Those of you who read my previous post already know that I struggle with mental health issues, and have from an early age. And, sadly, the world we live in is not a really good place to keep people in a healthy mental space. The anxieties of our everyday lives, the fears we face for our safety, the threats to our (overall) health, it all contributes for the rampant increase in mental illness. That, and, of course, the fact that we’re being diagnosed more easily and promptly than we once were, and actually treated instead of shoved into some institution and left there so we wouldn’t disturb the ‘normal’ people.

While the medical profession has evolved in how it treats mentally ill people – and for that I’m very grateful -, society apparently hasn’t. Misconceptions are still abundant, from the ‘fragile’ mentally ill person who must be given their way so they won’t crumble to the ‘dangerous’ mentally ill person who we must keep an eye on lest they hurt someone, and many other ideas in between.

I get it, ignorance leads to fear. But nowadays, with Google at our fingertips, ignorance is no longer the excuse it once was. There are several sites, blogs and articles one can read up on and get informed. And you can bet you can find people to talk to. Due to the stigma still associated with mentally ill people, those closest to us may be one of those people and not tell us, because they’re afraid. Maybe you are one of those people, reader. 

I can’t tell you what to do, whether you’re a well-meaning curious person or a fellow sufferer of ill mental health. But I would like to encourage you all to open up. Talk. Read. If you can’t find anyone in your social circle to talk to, look for other sources.

We are out there. And most of us would be okay with answering your questions when we’re having a good day, as long as you ask respectfully and really want to learn.

Well. I guess that’s all I had to say for now. 

It’s your turn now. Is there any question you’d like to see answered? Or, if you’re like me, anything you’d like other people to know? Share with me in the comments!

See you all on the next post!

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