Why do I moderate comments?

Hello, readers! How are you all? Doing well, I hope!

I’ve been doing well enough, living life, working and all that jazz. Surgery is rapidly approaching, and I’ve been tying as many loose ends at work as I can. Got surprised with a new report to train as well, but he’s a smart lad, so things aren’t too bad.

Well, that’s the update nobody was looking forward to about my life, so now we’re moving on to the actual theme of this post.

Every now and then, a fellow blogger asks me whether or not I moderate comments, and, once I tell them that yes, I do, why. I can understand the question, of course. Moderating takes time, and it’s not fun. And WordPress has a pretty decent spam filter.

But… and there’s always a but, there’s something I can’t rely on WordPress for, and that is maintaining the sense of a positive and comfortable community I want for my blog. I have been pretty lucky this far, in that I haven’t gotten all that many negative and toxic comments, but the internet is a vast place. There’s all kinds of people out there, and some of them abuse the anonymity provided by being behind a screen to harass and abuse others.

And I have a pretty darn thick skin. Years of verbal abuse will do that to you. But do you know what I don’t have? Any tolerance for people who abuse those I care about. And I care about each and every one of you. You don’t deserve to be exposed to toxic people saying rude and cruel things when you’re in a place where you are supposed to be free and comfortable.

So, there we have it. That’s why I moderate comments. Because I want to protect this little community here.

Okay, I’ve talked too much already for a short post, haven’t I? I’d like to hear from my fellow bloggers. Do you guys moderate comments? If so, why? (If not, feel free to share why as well) Have you ever gotten some comment that’s made you go ‘yeah, that shit ain’t being approved’? Share it all with me in the comments!

Thanks for dropping by, and see you all on the next post!

P.S.: I’ve finally stopped being lazy and made a Facebook page for the blog, so you can contact me there too! You can see it on the sidebar, or by clicking here!

6 thoughts on “Why do I moderate comments?”

  1. Good reason for moderation… you want to control your online environment for your blog. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. I would even take it further and argue that those that have any sort of negative reaction to your choice to moderate comments has some sort issue they need to work out for themselves.
    I would hope that your moderation is only to filter out hatred and the like, and not be an effort to only allow comments that “agree” with your thoughts. Somehow, though, I seriously doubt that’s your motive ;-)
    Good stuff.

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    1. Hey!

      Yeah, I’m cool with people disagreeing with me. Heck, even I disagree with myself every now and then, why wouldn’t other people? As long as they can do it in a civil way and use their words, I’m happy to approve their comments and reply to them (it’s another reason why, actually – this way I can’t miss a comment and leave it without a reply).

      But yeah, unless it’s hate speech or trolling, everyone is free to comment whatever they want. ;)

      Thank you so much for dropping by!

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  2. I relate to wanting a comfortable and happy community. The internet can be an icky place, I don’t want that for my site. It’s nice to know you don’t want that here either.

    I’ve changed to and from moderating comments a couple of times. When I first started I was certain a horde of trolls would descend at the first opportunity, so I had them moderated. After a while with no trolls, I relaxed and left them unmoderated. I switched it to first-comment-from-that-person held for moderation (if you’ve been approved once, you’re unmoderated) when I got a thing I wrote featured and someone warned me it would be a good idea. But, honestly, I’ve never got a troll-y comment. (I’m not popular enough or openly controversial enough, I guess.)

    If I *did* get one, I would probably respond with a “hey, this isn’t cool” and if they didn’t calm down, block (/permanently unapprove them/whatever). If they attacked someone else in the comments, I would respond with a much firmer “I don’t allow people to treat other people like this on my website” (more for the benefit of everyone else in the comment section than them) and block them. But it hasn’t come up yet. Maybe if it did I would feel differently and have everything moderated.

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    1. It totally makes sense. Since I’ve started this blog, I haven’t really had any kind of troll issues, but it’s sadly happened on previous blogs, and the trolls decided to attack other commenters too. I’m old enough now to be able to take most personal attacks thrown my way, but I’m not willing to expose other people to abuse, so I just keep it moderated. It’s a quick process, and it’s not like anyone will lose sleep over not having their comment approved right away. Or so I hope. XD

      Thanks for dropping by! <3


  3. I moderate, prime reason being it was all so new to me, I didn’t know what to expect. But I keep that setting as I worry about spam. WP does seem to have a good handle on that, but just in case! My blog isn’t about debate or opinion so I don’t get disagreement to deal with. And if someone doesn’t like my style of humour I guess they’ve just not bothered saying as I’m fortunate to not have had anything negative. I would happily approve a negative comment with hopefully a clever defensive reply 😉 But I wouldn’t approve anything that was offensive or aimed at someone else. I’d be tempted to, to show them for who they are, but it risks descending into a pit of nastiness that you wouldn’t want on your blog. As you say, we should be here to enjoy a comfortable, safe, fun space. 😊

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    1. Hey there!

      I feel you very much. Before I used WordPress, I had to deal with spam personally and case by case, it’s a relief not to have to do it anymore. Some comments still slip by, though, that are less obvious. I’ve gotten one or two of those in my inbox – I’d say a human was doing the spamming, instead of a bot, but still spam. And I don’t really get too much about disagreeing with my opinions, even though I express a lot of them. And I’m cool with people disagreeing, nobody died and made me queen (yet). ;) But yeah, it’s mostly so I know I’m keeping the small community here safe from nastiness. Being online can make people forget the human every now and then. Thanks for commenting! :)

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