My daily routine

Hello, my pretties! How are you all doing? Well, I hope! I’ve been doing well enough. I promise I’m still alive! I had forgotten how time-consuming moving and furnishing a new home was! And that’s not even considering all of the small stuff I have yet to buy! Oof!

But since I’m still alive, I think it’s time for a new post, right? And I’m gonna post on something I truly love – routine.

Being a person who tends to get really, really anxious when things don’t go according to plan, I live for routine, and don’t find it even a teeny bit boring. I actually thrive on routine and planning, so I thought why not share mine here? I know, I’m such an interesting blogger (not).

Without further ado, here goes nothing:

Monday through Friday: Get up at 8, after being actually awake for as long as there’s been daylight – so anywhere between 5 and 7, depending on weather and season. Have breakfast, brush teeth, have shower if I hadn’t done it the night before. If so, I have it at lunch time. Start work at 8:30 with a morning meeting, then start taking customers or doing other tasks. Get up and do some light exercise every hour or so, since I’d be sitting all day otherwise. Have lunch at around 1 pm, still working. Go on lunch break at around 4 pm, when I take a shower and a short nap. Back to work until 6 pm or until work is done, if there’s still something left after six. If I’m not going out: write (blog posts, collaborative writing, emails) for about one hour, turn off computer, go have dinner. If I’m going out: get off the computer as soon as work is done, get ready to go out, and write when I get back if I’m not too tired. Bed time is usually around 10 pm because I am secretly an old lady in a 36 year old body.

Saturday: Get up at around 10, do some chores, have some coffee or a fruit, brush teeth, have a shower and get out the door at around 11. Go to the mall, have lunch, window shop for a while, and then go to the Walmart next door and shop for groceries and whatever else I need, if I haven’t done any shopping on my previous outing. Once I’m done, I go home, run a load of laundry, do whatever else I need to in terms of cleaning, and then take a nap before sitting to write or watch something.

Sunday: No set routine at all. Wake up when I wake up, do whatever chores I haven’t gotten to on Saturday. Put away laundry, if I haven’t done it the day before (I don’t have a dryer). Sometimes have lunch with the parents – either at a restaurant or at home (miner or theirs). Sometimes rest all day, watch a documentary, write more, do some research for things I want to know or ideas for future blog post, read some of the tons links I bookmark for later, etc.

Well, I guess that’s it. Do you all have routines, like them, hate them? Share them with me in the comments! If you have a post about your routine, you’re more than welcome to share it, so we can all read it!

See you on the next post! Love you all!

10 thoughts on “My daily routine”

  1. I’ve got routines, too, I suppose. I have the daily Monday through Friday grind. I’m up at 5 and out the door about 6. Work 7 to 4. Then home for dinner, chores and/or evening “stuff”. I don’t plan out my evenings during the week. I would probably be more regular about my writing if I did, though :-o The weekends usually get planned by Thursday night. They involve grocery shopping and yard work with regularity. Then I work in as much “play time” as I can. That’s when I write, play D&D when I can, play video games and/or watch some YouTube videos. Somewhere in there I read up on some news and goof off with my buddy online. When the wife has things she wants to do, I tag along with that.
    I’m a firm believer in keeping it simple. I have discovered that trying to plan too much makes my life way more difficult than it needs to be. It seems the more I try to plan, the more outside factors disrupt those plans. I am, however, a creature of habit/routine when possible, and I DON’T like having those routines disrupted. These routines are not planned, but a result of daily life, I guess. Other than that I try to remain flexible. While that hurts my time management some, I believe it to be less stressful.

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    1. I feel you so much on having and liking the routines that eventually happen. I can live with them being disrupted, but I’m so much happier when they’re not! Routines and lists are my life, even though I know I can’t always live by them. And of course, being unmarried and not having kids means less people to factor in, so there’s that. But life does like to throw a curve ball here and there. I haven’t found a solution for that yet.

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  2. Omg how do you do it and stick to it? I can do it for work, but at home, nope. Do you plan each day the night before or the week before? I could do with some serious tips. I make general to do lists, but that’s about it 😔

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    1. Ha, I’m addicted to planning! I check my planner when I call it a day (usually at around 6:30/7 pm) and start distributing the remaining tasks on the days when I have less things piled on. It does sound a bit hard, but by spreading my tasks out I actually manage a pretty decent balance! :)


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