Quarantine update: how is everyone?

Hello, my pretties! How are you all doing? I hope  you’re all safe and healthy!

I have been safe, healthy and bored out of my mind, so I came here to update you all on what has been going on. I hope you all will update me as well, I want to know that you’re safe!

Days since I’ve left the apartment complex: 19 (last day was March 8).

Physical health status: Just fine.

Mental health status: Could be better, could be worse.

What I have been doing: Still working, though there isn’t a lot to do. Mostly meetings and emails to figure out what we’re going to do to stay afloat. Reading a lot of sites, blogs, etc, I had on my bookmarks. Writing for roleplays (collaborative writing), both blog (this one and the one in Portuguese), working on doing some fiction writing. Sleeping a lot when I’m not working. The very rare visit to parents (who live in the same complex) to check on them.

New developments: My older brother saw fit to send me a barrage of text messages last night berating me because my mother told him I was there for dinner. Because my presence there (not the fact that they refuse to stay at home) will give them coronavirus. And it doesn’t matter that they ask me to go, “I have to make a hard decision and not give in”. When I pointed out that I have nothing to give them as I have been isolated for over two weeks, he told me to “stop being defensive and listen to him”. Now he’s upset because I muted him (it was that or telling him where to shove his “advice”). He didn’t mean to upset me! He is just worried because he got sick (way across the country) and didn’t have the proper medical attention (no, he didn’t have COVID-19). He was just trying to have a conversation with me! Yeah, whatever. He’s not here, he doesn’t know what is happening but he thinks he knows it all. So yeah, nah. I’ll continue to stay home, and he’ll continue to be muted. I did tell my parents I won’t be visiting anymore and they’re super upset, but honestly? I don’t want to have anything blamed on me if they catch it on one of the outings they absolutely must go on.

Oof, that was a long and ranty one. But I really needed a moment to vent.

It’s your turn now, though! How are you doing, physically and mentally? Are you safe and taking care of yourselves? Anything you want to share, vent or rant about? Share it with me in the comments!

See you all on the next post, and stay safe!

15 thoughts on “Quarantine update: how is everyone?”

  1. Mentally I’m all over the place. I think I have to make even more of an effort than usual to keep it together. Just one day at a time I keep telling myself. Glad you are well! Keeping hanging in there!

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  2. I am ok. Not bored – i never am – just annoyed on the people who don’t understand the gravity of the situation and on rhose who spread panic. My 91 years old mother doesn’t need any more panic, thanks! I am struggling with her anyway…

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    1. It is very annoying. I’m trying not to let it get to me, having older parents as well, but it’s hard to navigate those who panic and those who act like business as usual. Good luck and stay healthy!

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  3. Sounds like you’re doing what you need to do to keep yourself healthy and in the right place. Good.
    I’m still working (think I mentioned that in a blog ;-) ) because my company is considered “essential”. Other than only going home and going to work, not much has changed for me. I’m able to occupy myself pretty well online with buddy and a couple other friends. Game night (tonight, yay) is online, so no worries there.
    My wife is a bit stir crazy, but she has managed with working at home and the occasional outing to the grocery store to maintain the perishables. My daughter is more or less moved in for the next few months until next fall semester when she will move back to the college town. Her only complaint is not being able to see her fiance – he is staying home near his parents and she is staying here to minimize risk.
    Life ain’t great, but it ain’t too bad. Glad to read that you’re making it work.

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    1. I am doing my best, and hoping this will pass without me getting the virus and giving it to anyone! I’m not too worried about myself, as I’m healthy enough to have little to no symptoms. It’s mostly my parents I care about. As for work, I feel this week will be a busy one, but we’ll see how things go as time goes by. When I’m not working, since I can’t go anywhere, I’ve been catching up on the millions of bookmarked sites I had to read ‘some day’. I’m looking forward to reading about the latest game night!
      Glad the wife and daughter are at least settled, since I think nobody is really happy to be quarantined. I’m a major homebody, but I have to admit sometimes I step out of my building and stare longingly at the street through the gates. (Okay, not that dramatic, but I do miss going out for a meal and just to blow off some steam after a long wek!”
      Stay healthy!

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  4. That’s such a shame that your parents are going on outings. I understand your brothers frustration, but it seemed like an easy way to take it out on you which is horrible. Though I do think that if your parents are going out a lot, I would be worried that you might get the virus if you do see them, so that’s a good decision. Your safety is the number one priority.

    I’m weirdly doing good! Feeling very blessed because I’ve been in touch with the people I love on a regular basis. There’s some opportunities to go on the job hunt soon because my friend kindly suggested that he could look for something for me through his agency, but I’m still worried that given I sometimes wheeze (just naturally, I’ve always been a loud breather and find it difficult to breathe when I’m out in the rain), so I’m thinking that it might not be the safest option for me. But if the situation improves towards the end of June, I’m going to take a leap!

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    1. They are finally staying put at home, since church activities were suspended to keep everyone safe and they finally listened to the warnings to stay home unless you had to go somewhere! My brother is still not talking to me, but constantly complaining to my mother that I’m not reaching out. I’m just not in the mood to subject myself to a second barrage of abuse, though.

      And I’m so glad you’re doing well! Here’s hoping you find a suitable job! Are you on LinkedIn and with your stuff up to date? I’m not actively looking (officially), but I’ve gotten a contact or two there recently!


      1. Ah… so, that’s interesting. I guess they’d be more prone to listening to the church than the news. Hmm.

        He’s being ridiculous and needs to grow up. He sounds like his been spoiled beyond measure. I’m glad you’re not giving in to him. The way you’ve reacted should have been how your parents react, but, I guess, look at us, making sure we don’t pass on generational trauma.

        I don’t use LinkedIn. But I have found some other opportunities that I will enquire about directly. My friend is part of an agency and he’s helping me too. And I should hopefully go in personally to a place that I want to work at (I’m hoping my former colleague is still based there!), and their social distancing measures look very good. I just need a printer for my cv to hand in directly and I’m going to do that soon. Ooh, two contacts! Are you looking to work somewhere else now?

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        1. Yes, sadly they do listen more to the church than the WHO and government. It’s not easy.

          And yeah, my brother has been very spoiled by my mother – classic Golden Child dynamics, I could write a book on that. I might do a comprehensive write-up of what it was like to grow up with my mother, but I need to find the mental energy to revive it all first. But yes, I won’t be having children, so it stops with me. And I hope my niece won’t be subjected to the mess.

          I am so happy you have found opportunities! Since things at work are shifting, I’m staying put while still keeping my eye out for whatever might show up! At least I’m in the loop as to the market trends! The ironic part is that I only got LinkedIn because the company required it!


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