Self care in times of coronavirus

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Hello, my pretties! How are you all? I hope you’re doing well and staying safe!

I have been doing my best to stay safe and sane while dealing with the changes and uncertainty these times bring.

A conversation I had last night with my amazing friend Laura got me thinking about how we all are – or are not – taking care of our mental health during these trying times.

I know it sounds selfish to practice self care when people are dying, losing their jobs and living in fear every day. It’s not. You need to stay sane so you can help others – or at least keep yourself from doing anything that could be harmful to those around you.

With that in mind, these are the measures I have been applying that have been useful in keeping me balanced, in no particular order:

  • Opening the windows early (at around 5 or 6 am) to catch that morning breeze;
  • I have uninstalled Discord from my phone and muted most of the servers I’m a member of, muted Facebook chat and all of my Whatsapp and Telegram chats that are not my parents or work-related – this allows me to control how much social contact – and exposure to never ending talks about the virus – I expose myself to daily;
  • I have stopped watching the news and started receiving them on my email. This way, if I’m overwhelmed, I can read the titles and stay informed without having to hear of every stress-inducing detail – and read further when I feel stable enough to know more;
  • One hour before bed, it’s digital silence time. I close up all of my chats, mute every chatting client, and close every ‘serious’ site on my laptop and phone. The only things allowed then are ASMR videos, relaxing games and the occasional (not too serious) blog;
  • I have committed to not making any big decisions (moves, purchases, changing jobs, cutting contact with people) unless they are pressing and urgent until things go back to normal;
  • Naps. This situation is incredibly exhausting, and sometimes you really need a quick nap to face the rest of the day;
  • Showers. When I feel really overwhelmed, I take a break and hop in the shower for a few minutes, just letting the water fall over me and wash away the worst of the anxious feeling;
  • Creativity. I have been engaging in creative writing with others and/or solo when I can find the energy, and it really brings me joy, even if I do just a tiny bit at a time;
  • Kindness – towards myself and others. We’re all having a hard time and, while we’re all doing our best, we may not be our best selves right now.

These measures have been helping me stay balanced and sane while we all try to survive and come out of this as unscathed as possible.

What are the measures you are taking? Does any of these sound like something that could help you? I sure hope so!

Take care, stay kind and have faith – we’ll all come out of this, we just need to be patient!

See you all on the next post!

26 thoughts on “Self care in times of coronavirus”

    1. It’s actually Autumn here (Southern Hemisphere), but there’s grass just outside my bedroom window and plenty of birds where I live, so opening the windows early in the morning is just delightful for those last few hours of sleep before work!

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  1. That is an awesome list of things to do to keep the mind where it should be. I think this is stuff that could/should be done even in “normal” conditions.
    I am fortunate in that I am working for an “essential” company, so I still go to work 5 days a week. I guess I’m also fortunate that I don’t have many friends and I am not very connected on social media. I don’t get inundated with the COVID crap on social media or from my few friends. Since I am very selective about news (I follow very little news on TV and digital feeds) due to my disenchantment with the media, in general, I don’t get blasted with bullshit from that either. I guess I follow some of that list in a slightly different way. Either way, it think that it works, and I’m glad to hear it’s working for you. Being a bit of an introvert, alone time is something I need anyway. Another good thought provoking post, Jay.

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    1. Thank you so much. I basically compiled it during the conversation with my friend, so part of the credit belongs to her! And I agree. I’m pretty introverted, so I’m not overly social in the best of times. I’m trying to cut down on the COVID speculation and just read the news every now and then. It has been helping keep me sane so far. I’m looking forward to seeing what people have been doing! Thanks again for taking the time to comment, and take care!

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        1. Ha. I have been cheating a little by going outside my building and taking a walk around it before coming back inside. That’s probably why I’m still mildly sane. And true, some of the memes are funny, and it’s good that people are still keeping their sense of humor!

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  2. So glad you’re taking care of yourself in these trying times! It’s a great time to catch up on our creative outlets, so I’m happy you’re taking full advantage of that! I’ve been trying to open my windows more too, now that spring is here. It’s definitely a great way to help relax :)

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    1. Girl, where have you been? Are you doing alright? And I’m surely trying. These are strange and exhausting times we’re all living! Opening your windows also helps with not feeling so trapped! Take good care of yourself, and don’t be a stranger! :)

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      1. Since I write for my other job, I can’t bring myself to write in my free time much anymore! I should try to do better, I know! I’m fantastic and happy you’re doing what you can to take care of yourself.

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        1. It totally makes sense! I’m just glad to know you’re doing well! :) Don’t worry much, now, more than ever, is a moment when we’re all doing what we can and we could all understand each other more! Just keep on taking good care of yourself, I’m not going anywhere. :)

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  3. Don’t forget to hydrate! I myself have been trying to stop drinking caffeinated drinks during this time and focus more on drinking water.

    I also am focusing on taking me time. My fiance and I are close. But due to my anxious personality. I never take any me time. But this quarantine is helping me in surprising ways as it changes the way I think and feel or do things.

    Indulge in old hobbies! I’ve treated myself to some video games and I’m going to do the same with reading soon!

    I hope you like my self care. There are a lot of yours that I do as well!

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! Indeed, drinking water is very important to stay healthy and sane during this trying time, as well as taking time for oneself and indulging in hobbies to keep the mind engaged! Take good care of yourself and stay healthy and safe! <3


  4. So with you about talking about covid. I keep an eye out on Twitter, but I’m avoiding it because it’s overwhelming. I was talking to a friend on the phone about it because we were catching up, but once I had enough I just told him, nope no more. But he started talking about it again in 20 mins, and I had to close it down again. 😭 but otherwise, I’m finding myself smiling more these days when I wake up and feeling more positive. Still playing sims which is fun! Talking to friends and family! Glad to see you’re doing well and taking the necessary steps to look after yourself.

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    1. I have only been reading the news headlines and then read more if I feel the need. I just can’t take being bombarded day in and day out with it all. It’s really tiring. I’m glad you’re feeling more positive and playing sims! Were you around the interwebs when people had entire blogs dedicated to their sim families? That was so much fun! You take good care of yourself and those around you! <3


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