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Hello, my pretties! How are you all doing? Well, I hope! I’ve been… staying alive in quarantine. It has been a while since I’ve posted, so I thought it would be nice to show up here and update everyone on what has been going on with me and ask for updates on what has been going on with you all.

Without further ado, here are my updates:

1- I’ve been moved to working part time, so until second order, I’m working from 8:30 to 12:30. I like these new hours well enough;

2- Despite this fact, folks from work still keep wanting to do meetings, calls and emails when I’m off – I’m trying to set boundaries on that;

3- Even though I’m working four hours per day instead of eight, I’ve been permanently exhausted, and the fact that people keep pushing for me to do work stuff when I shouldn’t be working doesn’t help;

4- I have left the house twice – once to get medication for myself and the parents, and once to get groceries for the next month. Both outings happened with all the due care – masks and social distancing, and despite the fact I had nothing exciting happen and the mask conflicts with my glasses, it felt nice to go places;

5- I have been toying with the creation of a roleplaying forum I may or may not ever open – should it never see the light of day, I’ll at least have had fun creating it;

6- I was home yesterday getting some rest, and my intercom went off. I picked it up and there was this guy I didn’t know speaking. He was going on and on about whether or not I had a moment, if I was doing alright, blah blah blah. And I’m here thinking ‘what the hell is that?’. After some poking and prodding I found out said random guy ‘saw me walking around and thought I was pretty (spoiler alert: I am not, homeboy needs his eyes checked) and found out my name, building and apartment from the nightwatchman in order to “get to know me better”. He kept insisting on asking for my phone number to chat and asking me if I am ‘taken’. I’m not particularly happy with myself by saying yes, I am taken, but whatever it takes, I guess. I just have to admit a part of me is really pissed off that this person whose face I don’t know saw fit to find out where I live and intercom me to flirt and feeling kind of unsafe and hoping he’s just awkward or looking to hit it off with anyone and I was just his first attempt or one in a string of women whose numbers he tried to get. A part of me thinks that I may be overreacting, but as someone with a history of rejected males getting violent with me… yeah, I don’t feel safe at all. Ugh.

Well, that’s all I have to offer as updates for now… I’d love to hear yours! Are you staying safe, healthy and somewhat sane? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

See you all on the next post!

20 thoughts on “Quarantine update”

  1. Hey glad you’re okay!
    Can you make a complaint about the night watchman- he did a bad thing, isn’t he meant to keep you safe?! Anyway hopefully you being firm and strong and saying you are ‘taken’ will have put the man off.
    It’s really interesting to hear news from other countries so thank you

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    1. Hey, it’s good to hear from you! I will have to wait for tomorrow, as with a reduced team the office is closed for the weekend, but I’ll do it first thing in the morning. I have to admit that what really bothers me is to know that this person (who claims to have ‘watched me walk by’ several times) knows my face but I don’t know his. I’m hoping he’ll give up and move on from wanting anything to do with me.

      And it’s always a pleasure to share news, though one I must engage in more often than I have!

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      1. And also if the nightwatchman or their superior knows you are concerned perhaps they will look out and keep an eye out for this man. Good luck

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      2. You will know best as to whether making a complaint or seeking help, or both, is the best course of action, of course I don’t know your situation and what works best re your night watchman/security services arrangements. All the best

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        1. I’ll start with the complaint and see what happens. Maybe nothing will come of this, but it’s still important to retrain personnel so this doesn’t happen again!

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  2. Hey from Texas! I hope the cut in hours isn’t too harmful to YOUR “economy”. It sounds like you’re getting by, though.
    Isn’t it funny how you have to establish those work boundaries? Personally, I don’t think it’s funny at all. If you don’t work at it and “be the bad guy” now and then, though, THEY will walk all over you. I live it constantly.
    You have a stalker, huh? It sounds like you’re staying calm and taking good steps to rid yourself of this pest. @Rachel Hill has got the right idea about lodging complaints with building security and/or just talking to the security guys. If you’re on friendly terms with the security guys, though, it might be a good idea just to talk with them and let them know your concerns. Either way, it sounds like you’re making the right moves. My piece of advice is to arm yourself in some way. There is no harm in having a stick, bat, knife… whatever handy if things get dicey. At the very least, it allows you to get away. You can deal with how you feel about the violence later… when you’re safe. You can’t be afraid to live your life as needed, or a prick like that wins. I hope it works out. Stay safe.
    Finally, a roleplaying forum, huh? That could be fun. As long as you enjoy rolling the idea around in your head, that’s all that really counts. Keeping yourself occupied in this crazy situation is what counts. Hang in there.

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    1. Hey from Brazil! I think we’ll be alright for a while. Government is working with small business owners to keep people employed, because unemployed people don’t spend money. I can’t speak for too many places, but my state has been really good about supporting the small folks to keep them in business. We’ll see how long this can last. And I fully agree. I am always available in an emergency, but ‘we want to have an hour-long meeting about something that’s not urgent while you’re off the clock’ doesn’t count as one. Now, ‘our biggest client needs service at 9 pm or they will cancel their contract’, yup, I will and have dropped everything to fix this issue without a complaint.

      And yeah, I seem to have a stalker, which… is not a feeling I enjoy. I am preparing for the worse and hoping for the best. I’ve been considering letting my dad know too, though I don’t want to worry him, but he’s just five minutes away, and while I don’t expect him to physically defend me, I might need the support. Arming myself is a good idea. I have a small sharp knife, might start keeping it close to me at all times. I confess I’m not above using even ‘non-armed’ violence (sticking fingers into eyes, stomping feet, a knee in the groin, using my fingernails as weapons) if I must use it. I believe someone else’s right to not get assaulted ends when they assault me – or someone else. I also believe that if people hesitate when it comes to protecting themselves, the bad guys win.

      And yeah, I do have a lot of fun with the process. I floated the idea somewhere and got some responses, which’s always good as feedback even if I don’t open it to the public. I’ll probably created it, populated it with my own characters and open it in an invite-only basis. Or something. :) Thanks for dropping by and hand in there too!

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    1. I’ve reported it to the admin office first thing today! The lady there took it seriously and asked me for all the information I had so she can look into it! Here’s hoping he won’t come back! Thanks for the hugs, right back at you!

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  3. OMG! Must have be so scary for you! I am proud of the way you tried to diffuse the situation. I might have lost my mind faced with a stalker. I think it would be good idea to let your father know about this inccident. It’ll worry him for sure, but I think it will be better in the long run. Everybody would then be on a lookout for him. Love and support!

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    1. Thank you so much! It was very scary indeed, and totally out of left field! I still don’t know who this person is, and even though he hasn’t tried to contact me again, it’s still uncomfortable every time I have to step outside for a moment. I have been debating on sharing it with my father because I know he is very protective and would worry a lot, but you’re right, it will be better if I do share it. Thank you so much!

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  5. Oh my God. What a creep. I hope you’re okay. Has he left you alone? And you’re not going crazy, trust your gut. He’s overstepped your boundaries, that’s not something that anyone should do. If he wasn’t a creep and someone normal, he would have approached you when he saw you and just said that he thinks you’re pretty. The night watchman should not have given your details. It’s his duty to Joe you safe, it’s literally his job. Please, if you haven’t, make a complaint. But now I’m thinking what kind of person thinks it’s okay to give away your address details to a complete stranger.

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    1. I am so glad I was not the only one who saw it! I felt almost violated, not going to lie. It was a deep sense of ‘this is not right’. And I agree, since he saw me so many times, why not say hi? Hell, I say hi to everyone when I go get my mail or a delivery or what have you, I would have talked to him even if I wasn’t interested. I did file a complaint first thing last morning as soon as the office opened! Better have it on file, even though nothing came of it! And after some thought I did end up telling my dad, just so he’s informed!


  6. Hi Jay, I feel you absolutely did not overreact. That was very stalkery, and scary. I would say never engage at all. And as for the night watchman, I’m pretty sure that breaks all the rules to give out any information at all about residents. Maybe condider letting the owners know? I hope you stay strong and well.

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    1. Hello! Thanks, I did feel that I had, because it’s such a strange situation! It was scary indeed. I did put in a complaint with the administration, but I haven’t heard back! Thank you again, stay strong and well too!

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