Story time: Stuck up a tree

Hello, my pretties! How are you all doing? Well, I hope!

I’m  doing well enough, still isolating at home – cases of COVID have been on the rise in my state – and working part-time until I can figure something else out.

Since I was a bit bored today, I decided to share a little story from my past. Grab popcorn or the snack of your choice and join me, will you?

Place: A small town somewhere in Brazil. Time: Some time between the late 80s and early 90s. Characters: Yours truly, mother, and assorted relatives, mostly cousins.

When I was a child, I was basically a tomboy. I would dress like the boys, run with them and play like they did – playing ball with them, flying kites, and climbing on trees. This last activity was one my mother didn’t like at all, and she was constantly telling me to stop doing it.

Being a child, of course, I did not listen to my mother, and kept climbing on the big tree just across the street from my aunt’s house and chilling there. I did it all the time, and it wasn’t a problem at all. Until it was.

I was chilling up the tree as usual, with my cousins, and then, in some way I can’t really explain (it’s been around 30 years), my foot got stuck somewhere. I froze. What should I do now? I pulled and tugged. My cousins did too. Nothing. Completely stuck. And I could see my mom coming from across the street. Ooops.

My mother looked up the tree and told me to come down, it was almost night. I told her I was stuck, and she told me to figure it out, while my cousin tried to help me pull my foot out of the hole where it had gotten stuck, and my mind went into fantasies of someone having to take a saw to my foot.

That’s when I saw something moving – a huge lizard had come from somewhere to see what the commotion was about, probably. And that’s when I let out a yelp and my foot magically dislodged from the hole. Thank you, random lizard.

Well, I guess that’s all. This is the story of how I stopped climbing on trees – just kidding, I didn’t stop at all until I got a bit older. I just learned how to be more careful. And also that my cousins had my back.

Okay, now I am done. Do you have any interesting story from your childhood years to share? Please share it with me in the comments (or link me if you have it on your blog)!

See you on the next post!

2 thoughts on “Story time: Stuck up a tree”

  1. LOL. I got stuck once when I was a kid, on the edge of a lake. I was skirting the shoreline to get to another fishing spot dad and I were heading toward. I thought it would be fun to get there before my dad did, so I cut through a little cove from where the water had recently receded. I was not paying attention to how muddy it still was. I sank up to my hips in the mud. Dad was not happy about having to put down his stuff and pull me out of the sludge. Needless to say, I’m a bit more careful now, and I know that the shortcut is NOT always a short cut :-)

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