What’s in my bag?

sling bag hanging on black metal holder
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Hello, my pretties! How are you all doing? I hope you’re all healthy and safe! I for one definitely am, though not going anywhere since March 8th has been taking a toll. It’s alright, though, we all need to be patient until things get better.

Since I have a little bit of time and energy today, here I am chatting with you all for a while.

I’m always fascinated for those ‘what’s in my bag’ videos/vlogs/posts, so I thought, why not? Not like I’m interesting at all, but I decided to share it anyway.

First things first – I always carry massive bags. My bags are usually so big I have used them as travel bags more than once. I just love having bags that can fit everything and the kitchen sink.

Second things second – definitely not everything I carry is useful, but hey – I don’t know anyone who can’t say they don’t carry even a teeny tiny useless thing around, so… without further ado, this is what is usually in my bag:

  • keys (house only, I don’t drive)
  • phone
  • wallet
  • planner
  • blogging notebook (yes, I carry them both)
  • some reading material, in case I have to do something that involves waiting for a long time
  • pencil case with a ton of Bic pens and a mechanic pencil
  • my current crochet project (same as reading material, though I leave it at home if I’m going anywhere with a metal detector)
  • any smaller items I’ve bought on my trip to the outside world (one major reason for me to carry the gigantic bags)

I guess that’s it. While some things may vary here and there, this is mostly what I carry on my bag at all times.

What about you? Do you carry a small bag? Medium sized? Gigantic? And what do you take in it? Share it with me in the comments!

See you on the next post!

22 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?”

  1. I have a nice backpack that is set up to carry a laptop. I’ve had it for quite a few years now. For a while, I actually carried a laptop in there. When the laptop died, though, I kept on using the backpack because of the other stuff…
    What’s in my bag?
    Several pens and mechanical pencils; several notebooks for various writing needs; wall charger, car charger and assorted cables for my phone and watch; earbuds – a couple of sets; reading glasses – I need them now :-/ ; at least one flash-drive; a cloth to clean my reading glasses when needed…
    At various times for various reasons:
    D&D books; clothes; novels; tablet; other RPG books; other notebooks for other writing needs;
    Oh yeah, I also put my laptop from work in it occasionally ;-)

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    1. Ha, now I feel better for carrying all of my belongings, my friends, family and girlfriend in my bag! :D The fun part is when you start looking for something and all kinds of items come out, a bit like Mary Poppins. And don’t worry about the glasses, I’ve wearing them for longer than some people have been alive (over 20 years). People say they make you look smart. ;) I’m milking that while I can!

      I hope you’re doing well! :)

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      1. I’m not worried about the glasses. I have had a pair for a few years now. The problem is that I have to ALSO have a set of reading glasses now. I’m not quite ready for bifocals yet, but I expect it won’t be long.
        I’m not sure if a caveman wearing glasses looks smarter than just a caveman…
        Things are going as well as possible. Stay safe.

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        1. Ha, that’s what happens when you get… less young. We’ll all get there some day.
          Also, I have yet to meet a caveman, but I’ll check it out if I ever do!
          Stay safe too, wash them hands and all that jazz you already know!

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  2. I go back and forth between bags. I love a large bag, but it ends up so full that it is too heavy, plus I have been known to have to phone my cell phone in order to find it in a large bag. Then I revert to a small bag with a promise to be minimalistic, which never lasts!

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    1. Ha, I’m lucky my gigantic bag has a little dedicated phone pocket inside, otherwise that would definitely be a struggle! And now I’m worried that I’ve given you ideas, oops! I honestly can only carry a small bag if I’m going out for a few minutes, like to put gas in the car. Any outing longer than 30 minutes requires my survival kit! :D

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  3. I avoid carrying purses/bags because they always fall off my shoulder and get in the way, so I try to stuff my coat pockets with just my wallet, keys, and phone. But, if I’m going out for a day-trip, I’ll need a medium sized bag for snacks, some makeup, a book, and pen/paper. Cheers!

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    1. I don’t wear a coat around, but you’ve got the right idea! I would definitely carry everything in my pockets if I could! Maybe I need a coat all made out of pockets… Hmmm… Cheers! :)

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  4. Hi Jay, When I saw your title for this blog, I was instantly intrigued. I have a slightly different curiosity. As a small child I always wanted to know what was in someone’s pockets, heheh. My kids had this same curiosity. Even as an adult I I will still good around and ask “what’cha got in your pocket? But I do that mostly with my kids, or grandkids. It’s funny because, it usually stops them in their tracks for a minute. Then they laugh, or look down and say something like, “idk”. Heheh😆.
    As for my own bag. Having had four children, I now avoid carrying anything I at all, unless it’s absolutely necessary.😂

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    1. Ha, I was a curious child as well! My dad used to come home from work and empty his pockets on a designated place, and it was super fascinating to watch! He’s retired now, but I think he still does it, I’ll have to find out! It is funny, I think it’s one of those questions we’re not prepared for and stops us on their tracks indeed! :D

      Also, wow, you must have had your hands (and bags!) full with four kids! I don’t blame you for avoiding carrying things at this point! Thank you so much for your comment, I’m still laughing as I type!

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