Short Sunday post – Brazilian AMA

Hello, my pretties! How are you all doing? Well, I hope!

I’m doing alright, though it’s been a very, very long week, so I thought I’d make a short post and open up the comments for questions.

A lot of my readers (all of you?) are from countries other than Brazil, so I thought I’d leave this post open for questions you all might have! Feel free to ask any questions – cultural customs, population, food, History, language, etc. If you do want to talk politics, please understand I’m less political than most people, but I will answer your questions to the best of my ability!

As for when this AMA will go on the blog, probably next Sunday! Feel free to comment here (best choice) or send me your questions via email, Instagram, Twitter (dms), Discord, or any other form of communication you choose!

See you all on the next post!

8 thoughts on “Short Sunday post – Brazilian AMA”

  1. Weather and fast food…
    Do you have legitimate seasons where you’re at in Brazil, or are you close enough to the equator where the weather stays a bit less dynamic?
    Fast foods… Taco Bell, McDonalds? OR something more cultural/local? Where do you grab lunch or pick up a quick dinner now and then?

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    1. Alright, here we go.

      Weather: where I am now, which’s closer to the Equator than where I was born, we have pretty constant temperatures, though they drop a little (about 10 C) in winter. And it rains a lot during summer. But that’s pretty much as far as it goes variation wide.

      Fast foods. No Taco Bell here, maybe in bigger cities, like Rio and São Paulo (I’d have to check). We have Mc D’s, Burger King (much better in my opinion) and Domino’s, off the top of my head (I love their entrees).

      As for non-fast food stuff, I love my local Thai place, and when I want something nicer I order the grilled salmon from a local place, with rice and broccoli and shoestring fries. I like tasting new things, but for my everyday meals, I tend to stick to a few staples, so I know I’ll like what I’ve ordered.

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      1. Interesting…
        I’m not too surprised about the weather. You’re definitely part of the tropics there.
        Grilled salmon? That doesn’t sound like that would be local to you, or do I not know enough about where salmon are located? Hmmm.
        I’ve never had anything from Domino’s except for pizza. I might have to give something else a try.
        No Taco Bell (probably not missing much)… The wife and I like it as something simple and a lesser bad choice in food when we don’t want to cook a meal.
        What about local food? I know basically nothing about South American food. I’ve only eaten as far south as Mexico ;-)

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        1. I think I could have worded it better. More in the sense of local/non-chain restaurant. Fish is a big staple here (the city used to be a fishing colony), but yes, salmon is not local, good catch – pun intended, of course.

          As for the local style of food, seafood is THE thing where I am now. Fish, shrimp, lobster, crab, clams, oysters, pretty much all of it. I love roasted or fried fish, shrimp in any way, crab and lobster, not a big fan of oysters or clams. These are pretty much the local staples. There’s also acarajé – a fried roll made out of white beans, filled with shrimps, an onion and tomato salad and some hot sauce. It’s not one of my favorite foods, but it’s pretty good!

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            1. I have to admit it’s pretty cool to have fresh seafood here easily. It does make a big difference on ease of access, price and also taste. :) I have gotten used to eating much more fish after I moved here, but it’s only to be expected.

              And I’m always here to answer any questions! Take care! :)

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