Where’s the logic?

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing? Well, I hope! I’m doing just fine (well, as much as possible in these times)!

After playing a bit of a disappearing act, I’m here to talk about… things. As usual.

So, very recently, we have had three confirmed cases of COVID in my parents’ building (we live in the same complex, but mine has no cases so far). This led to them begging me not to use the elevators anymore when I visit them, which I’m happy to do. It’s just two flights of stairs, and I understand why they would feel that’s unsafe.

The logic there is sound. Until you look at their own behavior outside of that.

Basically, in their personal logic, these things I do are going to kill us all:

Using elevators;
Doing my grocery and other shopping online and having things delivered;
Ordering the occasional take out.

While these things they do are perfectly fine and safe:

Going out more than once a week to buy whatever they need (even though both myself and younger neighbors have offered to buy their groceries or order online for them);
Since they’re already going out anyway, visiting multiple households on the same outing (none of those people – not even themselves – have been vaccinated yet, and some of them “don’t believe” in masks).

Can you find the logic there? If you can, please explain it to me! Is there anyone in your life who has this kind of interesting logic? Share it with me in the comments!

See you on the next post! (Whenever it happens)

8 thoughts on “Where’s the logic?”

    1. Sadly, you’re right. It’s just annoying how everyone keeps berating me and accusing me of trying to “kill” my parents when they’re actually more likely to bring the virus home to me (and probably still claim I was the one who gave it to them).

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  1. This sounds more like a double standard to me. Logic has little to do with it.

    “I’m going to do what I want, but you need to behave in a manner that I think YOU should to keep me safe.”

    That’s not logic. That’s a double standard.
    How you decide to deal with that, unfortunately, is up to you. In my family, I would point out the flaw (and I have). Then I would explain to them that I will not behave as they think I should since it is holding me to a different standard than the one they are choosing to behave/live by. I cannot deny that the results of that have been mixed, but staying true to me counts for much more than just making them happy.
    It has been since July of last year that I have seen my mother and sister. The reason for this is their own. Some of their thinking is sound, but the rest is just not from my point of view. I get told that I am missed and that they want to see me. Well, I start planning a trip, and then I am told don’t bother. They are suddenly concerned that my behavior is incorrect and that I might not be as careful as I should be to protect them. Then we circle back to missing me and being told how bad they want me to visit. As you ask… where’s the logic?

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    1. Looks like our families are pretty similar. I have to be honest and admit it’s mostly my mother, and my dad mostly goes along so she’ll stop nagging. She was freaking out over the fact that my shoes are inside the house (again, I will catch and bring covid to them with my shoes), and I’m at the point where I’ll either lie or tell her she’s being paranoid and maybe stop gallivanting around town if she doesn’t want to die. I probably won’t say it that harshly, but… it will end up being said. Thanks so much for commenting and I hope your family chills and decided whether or not seeing you actually matters!

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    1. I know… we have added something new to the list. Shoes. Even though they are removed, cleaned and then taken inside, they’ll kill us all.


    1. It is, my state has barely vaccinated 5% of the population and we haven’t even covered all of the people most in need, and over 85% of UTI spaces are full, with the things we need (like medication to intubate patients) running out. It’s very scary! I’m hoping we can all stay safe until things improve! I hope you and yours stay safe too!<3


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