I miss having a roleplaying group, but…

Hello, my pretties! How are you all doing? Well, I hope!

I’m still alive and kicking. Things are complicated, staying home for so long hasn’t been easy, but I’m doing the best I can to stay sane-ish. Can’t really expect much sanity from me, can you?

Well… I’ve come here to whine a bit today, but before I start whining, I’ll advise you to visit Scott’s blog, where he talks a bit about his own roleplaying group.

Click here for his latest Game Night post.

This is the kind of thing I’ve been missing, to be honest, but at the same time, I know I haven’t quite been doing much to get it. There’s so much to do to get there – choose a core concept, a gaming system, a venue – discord, roll20, forums, etc – and, more importantly, people who are interested in that.

I know I should probably stop complaining and start working on a concept, but… the energy just isn’t here. A friend tried to start a group, but it ended up falling through, and I did try to start a group myself, but it also fell through for a few reasons – namely, creative differences within the group.

Oh, well. I guess I’ll go back to the drawing board – and maybe one day I’ll find the right group.

What have you been missing during these times? Share it with me in the comments!

See you all on the next post!

4 thoughts on “I miss having a roleplaying group, but…”

  1. Sometimes I miss mine too, but I am aware that my roleplaying time is over – at least, for a certain time. I might play differently with people around me, some day, if willing, but no more a forum. More like writing a story together with a friend or two, because this was what I liked from the moment when I discovered that RPGs do exist.
    I guess for now I miss the literary events.

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    1. I have been writing one on ones with people as well, just one person at the moment, but it doesn’t quite satisfy that craving. I believe we all want what we can’t have. Part of human nature, I suppose.

      And here’s hoping the world will be back to normal soon enough so that you can go back to the events!

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  2. Thanks for the kudos and linking my blog. :-D I really appreciate that, Jay. It feels great to know that someone likes results of my gaming/writing efforts.
    As to the missing tabletop RP gaming, I can completely sympathise. I have been there many times in nearly 40 years of having the hobby. I know that I have been very fortunate over the years to find the right people to have, at least, a decent – if not great – gaming groups.
    And you are absolutely correct. It takes substantial thought and mental energy to find what inspires you and then find people with similar mindsets with whom to share that inspiration. It is most definitely a delicate balance of story/adventure idea, gaming system, and people to make it all come together. Then it is an even more delicate balance to have it be fun and last any length of time. It is no easy set of requirements to meet.
    But keep in mind that it is not all on you, either. While it might take some keen wisdom on your part to spot the right mix of qualities for a good group and game, it is not only you that has to recognize it and be the only one to expend energy to make it happen. The thing to remember is that all these components coalescing into a good result is far less common than we often realize. The only thing on you is having the patience needed to remain clear and be aware of when your search presents results. If it is a good result (idea, game, people), then it will not be only you that has to make it happen. If those that you find do not expend some sort of effort to help bring it together, then they are not the right people.
    Until then, don’t stop searching, and let your desire for a game and gaming group drive your muse to put out ideas. You might find you get good results from your efforts that you did not intend. And if you don’t have the energy, as you say, then maybe you shouldn’t be trying so hard. Again, it’s not all on you.

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    1. Hey! It’s my pleasure, I couldn’t be selfish and not share your blog with other people! :) And thanks for taking the time to comment. I confess I wrote this post in frustration after having to walk away from a budding group because one third of it insisted on not having any interaction between their characters and others. When you have one of these in your group, you either spend (waste) a lot of time trying to make them behave, or you end up walking away. As we were just getting started and no amount of talking to would work, I ended up shelving the idea. I’d say I have at least been left with the initial concept and might work on that, who knows? And on finding the right combination of this idea, the core set of characters and people who want to write them.

      Thank you so much again!

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