Not sure what to do with this blog…

Hello, my pretties! How are you all? Doing well, I hope!

I’m… alright, though I feel a bit meh about some things. Including this blog. Not really meh, just… I feel like there isn’t much more to say here? Not if I stick to what I have been doing, and keeping this blog strictly personal. I don’t know. I keep thinking about what I can do, or what I should do. I also keep thinking about what I could put here. Maybe my brain’s just getting lazy.

I will not delete the blog, that’s for sure. Even if I eventually stop posting here, I won’t want to lose everything I have ever written here, and all the contacts I’ve made through this blog, and all the blogs I follow with this account.

I’ll just have to think about what I will be doing and what I will be posting here in the future. While I work on that, if there’s anything you’d like to see here, please share it with me in the comments! I’ll be happy to oblige!

See you on the next post… whenever that happens!

15 thoughts on “Not sure what to do with this blog…”

  1. Your blog is what you make of it. If it doesn’t fit, you make alterations.
    I’d rather see you make changes and keep it going. Talk about your writing/gaming ideas.
    As you have seen with my blog, I don’t make it any one thing for me. I let it be a sounding board for things that might provoke thought or start conversations. It’s a place for me to vent some things when I need to. I tweak the look now and then to let it entertain me and others just because.
    You could post about your struggle to form a gaming group or something about a book you really like. I dunno. Just throwing some ideas out there.

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    1. Hey there! Thank you so much for taking a moment to validate my need for att… er, to comment. :D
      I do toy with the idea of sharing some stuff about the gaming ideas. I might post the idea I ended up cancelling at some point, or other struggles, though some of it might get NSFW. On the other hand, I believe all of my readers are adults, so who knows?
      I really appreciate the ideas, and I’ll see what happens in the future! Maybe I’ll start doing more during the weekends when I have more time, and it might help me get more done. We’ll see!

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      1. I wouldn’t concern yourself about the NSFW thing. This is your platform, so put out the content you want, adult themes and all. There’s nothing wrong with putting a little one-liner at the start of a post that “the proceeding content is not meant for kids, etc.” I do it.
        Don’t get me wrong I try to tone things down some, but I will not do so if it compromises my integrity or what I’m trying to say. If you don’t like what I’m posting or how I’m posting it, you are welcome not to read that post. I’m just as free to not read others’ content if I don’t like it. But I will NOT try to stop people from having a “voice”. I expect the same of others.
        The blog is, among other things, a tool for me. It keeps me writing and lets me clear my head so to speak. I’ll work on a post until I get it out of my system. Then I’ll switch over to something more in depth once I’m focused on writing and a single idea. That is why I try to post regularly. It keeps me busy :-)
        Hang in there with it, and let yourself wander a bit from your beaten path. You might be surprised what you get.

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        1. I really appreciate your words, and you’re more than right! I do put in the occasional disclaimer, and anything past that is on people who chose to read. I will see how it will come out. Maybe I’ll start dumping out my roleplaying ideas and misadventures here. Then again, considering where these are happening, it’s only to be expected that some things won’t be so safe for the kiddies. I guess I’ll have to jump into a new adventure and see where it takes me! I’m already as tall as a Hobbit anyway!

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    2. Scott has good ideas. You already know by now that I opened my blog, in 2013, by mistake. I imagined at first that if I posted various chapters, they could be read in sequence, like on a forum. At that moment, I was angry about a mutiny/ secession war and I intended to hand over my site to the secessionists and keep writing alone, on the blog, with the readers only interacting with me. Actually, what I wanted was more like wattpad, just that I didn’t know then it existed.

      Things ended well for the site- the secessionists went away to create their own -dead long before mine was closed- and I made peace with them. I kept with the site, I saved the story by sinking some ships and we went on.

      On the other side, I was disappointed to discover that my new blog didn’t show writings how I wanted, but more fragmented. And I thought what to do with it. At first, I copied there some RPG musings from the blog associated to the directory resource sites. Then, I reblogged what I liked at others, and I keep doing it. I started to have some posts in Romanian, with my old writings, and some in English, depending on the subject. Some reflected my passions, others my concerns.

      Until 2016, I posted infrequently, what I liked. Then I got my first novel published and I started writing about it too, or about the ongoing writings. I reblogged chronicles and writers advice, I started writing short stories too. Even for Nanowrimo, some of my posts are in English, some in Romanian. I changed alittle the blog appearance to match me better… But this is it. A blog about my passions: reading, writing, music, traditions…. You’ll find what you want to do with yours, too!

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      1. Thank you so much! Scott is a smart dude, I have to give him that! So are you (well, a smart lady)! I feel like I’m just floating around here not really knowing what to say. A part of me has this strange feeling that I’ve already said everything, so to speak, but I need to remember that there’s always more to say. I think I’ll probably stick to English on this blog (I have one in Portuguese so I don’t mix things) and see what comes to mind.

        I really appreciate your insight!

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        1. Thank you and good luck! You definitely have more to say! About RPGs, about gaming (because for me RPGs are actually interactive stories, not games), about the books you read and love, the songs you like, also fragments from what you write…

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          1. Thank you! I’m not much of a gamer at all, but I can definitely talk about roleplaying (I don’t consider it gaming either). Not sure about fragments of what I write, but everything else sounds great! Take care! :)

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    1. You do have a point! I really do enjoy writing, and maybe I’m just tired and need a little break or some fresh ideas. I’ll still be here, probably just writing in a different style! :)

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  2. It’s tough figuring out what to do, isn’t it? I wasn’t sure with mine, either. I feel like I don’t have many readers compared to some and it takes so, so much energy that I’m already lacking with my health issues that there are lots of times I feel like giving up. I agree with you on not deleting it – you’ve got lots here to be proud of and you absolutely should be proud. It’s totally your call when it comes to what to do next. I’d like to see you still in the blogosphere. Writing personal things about yourself and your life is always interesting, maybe your thoughts on particular issues, your likes and dislikes, things you’re enjoying right now, etc. It’s your blog to do as you wish, there are no limits to what you write about, and we’ll all enjoy whatever you wish to share :)

    Caz xx

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    1. You’re such a sweetheart, Caz! <3 Thank you so much for your kind words, I really love this blog, and I have done a lot of experimenting with it. Maybe that's what I'll go back to doing. Just writing about that random thing I'm enjoying at the moment, or not enjoying (though I want to keep it as positive as possible) and just share a little bit of myself with those people who are patient enough to read the gibberish I write! Thank you again and please take good care of yourself!

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  3. Your blog is super cool–and I love it. So, any direction you want to go is fine with me–and, I love your pictures of the day on Twitter–so. . . you might be able to do that here too:) Cheers!

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    1. Aw, thank you so much, I really appreciate it! Yours is also a bright moment when I stop to read it! And you know what, that’s a really nice idea about the pictures, thank you!

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