Just a little thing I forgot…

Because I have a worse memory than Finding Nemo‘s Dory, I had to forget to add a little something to my latest post. Of course.

If you want to read some posts from an actual Game/Dungeon Master, pay Scott’s blog a visit and check out his Game Night posts! You won’t regret it! Or maybe you will because you’ll get addicted to them!

I claim no responsibility if you do! See you on the next post!

2 thoughts on “Just a little thing I forgot…”

  1. Do you enjoy torturing your readers? I’m asking for a friend…
    All kidding aside, Jay, THANK YOU. I appreciate it very much. It is a great feeling when someone else lets you know that they like your content. It’s also good to know that I have at least one fan of my writing :-)
    As far as the addiction thing goes, I’ll be cooking up another batch soon ;-)

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    1. Do I enjoy torturing my readers…? Hm… Perhaps!
      But I really like your Game Night posts, and I was excited to see that you have a tag for them, as it makes it easier to direct people to those posts! I definitely am a fan, and I love to live vicariously through your posts!
      Glad I won’t have to wait too long for my next hit! ;)

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