If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life… Bullshit!

Hello, my pretties! How are you all doing? Well, I hope! I’m doing well enough… a little ashamed of how long I have left the blog without a post, but I’ll try to do better! Nothing really happened! I’ve just been stuck with some writer’s block and also got sidetracked starting a new project, but now that the foundations are set, I should have the time to show up here more often!

Work has been keeping me pretty busy as well, and that’s why I ended up thinking of the theme for this post!

How many times have you read or heard someone say “if you love your job, you won’t work a day in your life”? I have to admit I feel that I have heard it way too many times. More than enough that I hope I’ll never hear it for the rest of my days.

Why? Because this is such bullshit. Work is work. You may love to work, you may love the things said work allows you to have – money, stability, something to do -, but it’s still work. You still have to do it whether or not you want to (provided you work for someone else, self-employment is a different beast most of the time). You can still be fired and unable to provide for yourself if you don’t do it to (insert person paying you here)’s satisfaction.

Why am I saying this today? Who knows, maybe I’m just tired of another meeting in which nothing really changed. Or I’m tired because it’s Friday. Or I’m jealous of people who don’t need to work anymore (I totally am). There’s no single reason for it. It’s just a random rant.

I think I’ve spoken too much already, so it’s your turn now. What do you think when you hear the words that motivated me to waste your time with this drivel? Share your thoughts in the comments!

See you on the next post! (Hopefully in a shorter interval than between the last one and this one!)

18 thoughts on “If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life… Bullshit!”

  1. Yeah my old boss liked to say that and his favorite chestnut you don’t know how good you guys have it here. I did love that job mainly the location and co-workers but it was still a job. No matter how much you might love it it’s hard to sustain the feeling when someone’s screaming at you over something you have no control over or your bosses are taking advantage of you. Just got to hope the next day is easier.

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    1. “You don’t know how good you guys have it here” is another one I hate. Sure, I do have it somewhat good on my job in which I can work from home without any hassle, but there’s also a lot of not so cool stuff. At the end of the day, it’s a job – I exchange my time and labor for money, that’s it. I put in my time while the money is valuable enough, and my boss pays me while the time and labor I offer are acceptable. That’s pretty much it. :)


    1. That’s a smart take! I have to admit I do struggle a bit with that, but I’m learning as I go! I have to tell myself often that it’s not personal, it’s business!

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  2. I think along the same line. Even when I have loved my job, it’s still always been a job. Even doing something you love can end up being work, especially when it becomes something you have to keep doing to make a living.
    I’ve worked pretty hard at WORK and at things I love to do, but you’re right, work still requires a different mentality. The job is just something different, even if you like what you’re doing.
    I work to live. I don’t live to work.
    Good food for thought, Jay.

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    1. Hey there! That’s me as well, I work to live. If I could have my needs met without going to work monday through friday, I’d devote myself to gardening, crocheting or writing, or what have you, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. When I’m at work, I work hard, but once I’m off work, you can’t pay me enough to do anything non-urgent. I’m a bit too old to be idealistic about my day job, I guess. Thanks for dropping by! :)

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      1. I’ve always said that if I won big money like the lottery, I would work harder than I have yet. I’d being doing all those things I want to do, and it would not be a job.

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        1. I feel you there, and I’d probably do the same! The simple fact that I can choose to do something instead of having to do it or be fired already raises my motivation levels in a way I can’t put in words. Heck, I might even start some business to have some structure, just to have something to do!

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  3. Good to see you are back — everything we do as a profession becomes work. People may love the tasks and challenges, but they still need to be able to step away and do other things to stay fresh and avoid burnout. Glad to see someone else calling “bullshit” on such tropes. It does my heart good.

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    1. Thanks, I plan on not vanishing for good again, even though I’m still picking up the pace! And I agree. No matter how much I enjoy some of my hobbies, such as writing, I’m not sure how happy I’d be if my living depended on it! I have to admit I never really “loved” my jobs. They have always been things I just do, even though I work hard and perform my tasks to the best of my ability. Take care!

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  4. “Work” as we know it is a breeding ground for all sorts of BS. Part of the reason is because corporations have stepped into the role of directing our life’s purpose, which they do badly. Another reason, there is the pretense of ‘family’ which is especially dishonest considering that you can be axed to increase shareholder value. Think that even your favourite hobbies have aspects that you don’t like. Writing – the tyranny of the blank page. Knitting – the clerk at Hobby Lobby, etc. Keep a skeptical mind when examining these ‘pearls’ of wisdom.

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    1. I fully agree! I really dislike the pushing of this concept of the workplace as a family or coworkers as automatic friends. I’m friendly and polite towards all of my coworkers, but I don’t think I’d have any contact with most of them if we parted ways. I work to provide a service and get paid, and that’s it, such as they pay me to have me available from start to end and doing my job. It’s a transaction. And I agree, even hobbies have a downside, though the main difference is, of course, that a hobby is something you can stop or replace at will. Thank you so much for your insight!


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