PSA: Check your followed blogs

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing? I’m alright, and I hope you all are too!

I just stopped by for a really quick PSA: please check if your followed blogs are still showing on your Reader!

Earlier today, I was wondering why Tony, from The Tony Burgess Blog, hadn’t been posting lately. Lo and behold, not only was I not following his blog anymore, I also couldn’t follow it from the “Follow” button at the bottom right (on desktop). I had to go to the WordPress Reader, find Tony’s blog there and follow it this way.

So, if one of your favorite regular posting bloggers has been strangely quiet, please check if you’re still following them!

See you all soon!

9 thoughts on “PSA: Check your followed blogs”

  1. Ahh some of the posts don’t seem to get uploaded on my reader even though I follow the blog, it sucks to not follow through with posts. Sadly, most of the blogs I used to follow have been abandoned 😫😭

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  2. I’ve had this happen to me, too! I manually went to a blog that I’d been following for ages because I was worried at her going quiet for so long. D’oh, WordPress had unfollowed her on my behalf. I love WordPress but glitches like these are frustrating! Thanks for giving the heads up on this. xx

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    1. Yes, this has happened to me with a few blogs as well, I don’t know what’s up! I second you, I also love WP, but these current glitches are becoming frustrating! I hope they fix this, and you’re welcome! :)


    1. No problem at all! I thought it was so strange that you hadn’t been posting, looked at it and… what did you do, WordPress? :)


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