How do you support other bloggers?

Hey, everyone! How are you all doing? Well, I hope!

I’m… alive. Life has been chaotic this year, more and more work piled on me, and I’ve been feeling sort of burned out, but such is life. I think everyone’s struggling at the moment.

Speaking of struggles, I thought I’d talk about those in a more general way.

This weird and wonderful group of people called bloggers, you know – like me, and probably you reading this post – has been struggling as well. We’re tired, we’re isolated (if not physically locked at home, we’re probably still struggling with socialization), we’re scared – just like everyone else. Some of us – I’m definitely guilty of that – haven’t been posting or interacting as much as we used to.

So, here’s what I’m here for – to ask a question: how can I support you? I have to admit my energy has been limited lately, but I want to support my fellow bloggers in any way I can. So, share it with me in the comments, and I’ll do my best to help!

Love you all, take care!

13 thoughts on “How do you support other bloggers?”

  1. You support other bloggers by posting and engaging with them. Telling me and others what is happening in your little corner of the world and seeing what is happening in the worlds of those you read and follow. I am fortunate in that my inspiration comes from my photography. Not always good inspiration, but inspiration nonetheless. Stay well and thanks for asking Jay. Allan

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    1. Hey, Allan! Thank you so much for answering my question! You’re right, we do support our fellow bloggers by sharing and making sure we engage with them! I have to get better at interactions, and I’ll work on that! Stay well too! :)

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    2. I agree – I think your posts themselves and your interactions with people by sharing what’s going on in your life and replying to any comments is a way of supporting others. I’ve been hugely overwhelmed for a while now too and it’s difficult to keep up with blogging, reading other blogs, commenting, sharing other blogs etc, isn’t it? Don’t put more on your plate if you don’t have the space right now. That said, I love reading other blogs and having a distraction by seeing what other people are up to, or connecting with other people so we can all feel a tad less alone.

      Sending hugs,
      Caz xx

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      1. I do try to keep active, and I fully agree. Having that little moment of connection with our fellow bloggers is refreshing, and we know they’re at least okay-ish if they’re still active, which’s a relief in these times. I am trying not to put too much on my plate, while also not abandoning the blog. I guess that’s all we can do now!

        Hugs and thank you for dropping by! <3

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  2. I think you’ll get similar answers from most of your fellow bloggers. The one overlapping reason we do this – aside from our own reasons – is to reach others and read what is on others’ minds.
    Blogging is an… amateur? cheap? simple?… means of getting an audience for small published works. Here in the blogosphere, we’re all authors. Whether the reason is high on the list or not, as authors, we want readers… we want an audience. When we get followers that interact with us over the content we have published here, we get some degree of validation for writing. It is a good feeling that there are others out there that like my content.
    So, like others have just said, engaging with those you follow is about the best support you can give.
    I guess you can go a step further like @Marina Costa mentions. You can reblog/link our blogs on your blog.
    Then the question is how much time you want to spend reading, engaging, and/or reblogging versus writing your own content. That is not a balance that is easy to achieve for some of us. I guess all we can do is keep tickling the keyboard for ourselves and some others we like to read.
    This is was a very thought-provoking post, Jay. Good stuff.

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    1. Hey there! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. You’re right that the ways to support our fellow bloggers are simple enough (which doesn’t always translate to easy) – engaging, reading, liking, sharing, reblogging. I have to admit I’m not much of a reblogger, but I can definitely think of ways to share more of what my fellow bloggers are writing without dropping the ball on creating my own content. I’ll put my mind to work on that, so thanks for the food for thought!

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    1. Then get out of here and go write, what are you wasting time here for? (Just kidding, obviously) Thank you! I do feel the same way, even though I haven’t been writing nearly as much as I wish! Just having this space to express myself and interact with people is good enough for me!

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