Life update – August 6th, 2021

Hello, my pretties! How are you all? Doing well, I hope! I’m still alive and kicking, even though I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I’d like. I had, as you know, planned on posting once a week, but then things got in the way, blah blah blah. You know. Same old stuff. I really need to stop making promises.

On the life side: finally got my first COVID shot this Monday. My arm was sore for even less time than the flu shot, and I had no reactions whatsoever. Took the Pfizer shot, and should take the second one in October – our vaccination schedule is a bit delayed, still. Nothing to do other than wait. Other than that… I guess that’s it. Despite having been busy and running around like a headless chicken, nothing really new and exciting has happened. Oh, wait. Yes, something did happen. Just last weekend, my dad decided to fix the water filter without closing the water register. Guess who took the brunt of the water jets when the pipe slipped off the wall and had to run to drag the fridge away to close the register while soaking wet and yelling at dad to put his hand over the wall? Yours truly, of course. My life sometimes resembles a comedy sketch. No animals were harmed during the production. Unless I count as an animal. Hmmm…

The theme today: Writer’s block. God knows I’ve looked into its face every day for a while already. With doing my work, learning stuff about the new work we’re going to start doing and helping everyone else from other departments do their work, plus spending time with family, plus just being tired… the well seems to be dry. I’ve been working on a story bit by bit by bit – almost sentence by sentence. It’s going to take a long time, but I feel that I can’t not write, otherwise the block may become permanent. If anyone has any tips to offer, I’d be extremely grateful! Any resources, links, anything you do to combat it… anything helps, really! Help a girl out! :)

I guess that’s it for today! I’ll try not to let too long go by before coming back here! Have a nice day and see you on the next post! If you have any suggestions for future themes, I’d love to hear them!

12 thoughts on “Life update – August 6th, 2021”

  1. Writer’s block? Meh, you don’t have writer’s block if you’re still writing – even one sentence at a time. It sounds like you’ve got other things keeping you busy, and it’s demanding more of your time and focus than you normally have to give when you are writing on a regular basis. The fact that you are still working at it, though – even as slowly as you say, says that you are not blocked.
    My tip/advice is don’t force it. I think you write for similar reasons as me. The first and foremost reason is that it is enjoyable. If you force yourself, enjoyment can waver. Less enjoyment means less desire to write… vicious loop, if you take my meaning.
    I would recommend letting yourself get through the other challenges first and let the writing happen second for a bit. I think, like me, you will find yourself back at it sooner than later like me. That’s why I took the break. I let myself off the hook. Forcing myself further would have been more detrimental to me and my joy of writing than just not writing for a while.
    Now look at me! I’m practically writing a freakin’ book here in the comment section.
    Oh yeah, welcome back to writing ;-)

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    1. I guess you do have a point there, though it’s absolutely torture to know you want to get from point A to point B but have to take it one tiny step at a time. Maybe I should consider myself fortunate that I know where point B is? Focus has been an issue indeed.
      Another point I have to concede. I do write for enjoyment. I’ve been considering making changes to my writing that will mean shorter but at least easier and more enjoyable (for me) posts in the future. We’ll see how that works.
      Ha, thanks for the book, I always like to read your comments for a fresh outlook! Thanks for the comment and for welcoming me back!

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  2. I agree with Scott. For me, writer’s block may mean either:
    1) I cannot see clearly something in the story, therefore I need more research.
    2) thete is some other worry or problem weighing on my mind, which doesn’t allow me to focus. I have to solve that first in order to be able to write.

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