August 27, 2021 Theme: A silly fear you have

Hey there, everyone! How are you all doing? Well, I hope!

I’m here today with another theme for this week! I had taken a look at my theme list, but all of them looked too serious, and I just don’t feel like doing serious this week, so I’ll just do a little question:

What is a silly fear that you have? Something that has never happened to you and probably never will?

Mine is the idea that my bed will collapse while I’m asleep. Why? Who knows. It’s a pretty sturdy bed, it’s not wonky or anything, and no bed of mine has ever collapsed – with or without me. But it’s one of those little things I find to worry about when I can’t fall asleep.

What about you? What’s your silly fear? Share it with me, I promise I won’t laugh!

See you on the next!

15 thoughts on “August 27, 2021 Theme: A silly fear you have”

  1. Afraid of the bed collapsing… interesting. I’ve never thought of that one.
    My “silly” fear? The face in the window.
    Nothing scares me worse than seeing somebody just outside a window looking in at me. I have no idea why. I guess it’s just that I’m not expecting to see someone looking in at me, and it startles me every time. I even try to avoid being someone that does that to others. Maybe it’s a silly fear, but it freaks me the f*&k out sometimes :-)

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    1. Maybe you can think of the dreaded bed collapse when you go to bed tonight. No? Okay, fine.

      And the window face is creepy. Especially when it’s dark outside and you can only see a face. I guess it makes sense to be unsettled by the idea of being watched without knowing someone’s watching. And a good premise for a horror story, I suppose. ;)

      Thanks for sharing your very valid (seriously) fear!

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  2. I do not like storms, namely thunders and lightning. I know I am safe at home, nothing can happen, still I do not like it and I joke that if I were a dog or a cat, I would go hide deep under the bed….

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        1. A sort of strange question – are there any storm-related superstitions there? Like covering the mirrors during a storm, etc. No context, just curious.


  3. When I was about eight years old, a friend told me a really corny ghost story featuring a wolf with red eyes looking in a window at night before breaking it and killing everyone inside. To this day, I cannot handle un-covered (open/no curtains or blinds) at night in case I see those red eyes.

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      1. That’s horrifying. But I do sometimes have this weird fear as well. Not sure I ever heard something of the sort, or if my brain is just finding things to be scared of. Weird fear buddies? :)


    1. Thank you so much for sharing that post! I needed the laug… I mean, it’s obviously very, very serious. Especially fearing the reaper!


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