Random picture – October 21, 2021

Hey, everyone! I hope everyone’s doing well! Since I’ve been a bit busy with preparations for the upcoming trip, thought I’d do another quick image post!

This one is not too close to my style of characters (I love playing mostly human/humanoid ones), but the art style is really cool, and it can serve as inspiration for someone out there!

I hope you enjoy it! I have several more I’ll be posting in the future, but if there’s something special you’d like to see, let me know and I’ll add it to my list!

Catch you later!

9 thoughts on “Random picture – October 21, 2021”

  1. Well… it’s my style ;-) Here ya go.

    Hi name is Mmrruh Arieh.
    He is a Greater Rakasta and a noble warrior of that cat-like humanoid race living on Mystara.
    Mmrruh was born into a family of warriors. But the Arieh family was very much not of the nobility. The family was little more than cannon fodder among their people. The Greater Rakasta people did not waste time and resources training the weaker families. They were given the cheapest armor and weapons and told to learn combat on the battlefield.
    Mmrruh, however, was a fighter… AND survivor. He had a talent for fighting and learned to fight just to stay alive. As he watched his brothers and sisters get brutally killed on the battlefields, he promised each that he would live on and carry the family name to significance. He would make the Arieh family name synonymous with greatness.
    Mmrruh’s feats on the battlefield were getting noticed by some of the officers. They began putting Mmrruh with their squads to help ensure their protection. Despite how Mmrruh felt about his being considered less than his fellow Greater Rakasta, he fought side by side with them and would work to save their lives when necessary. Mmrruh understood that a rise in prominence must also come with a code of ethics and honor or validation for his family would mean nothing.
    In fact, it was ethics and the saving of a life that got Mmrruh some recognition. A young Rakasta of a noble family was put on the battlefield to “prove his strength and capability”. But the young noble was less than capable in battle than his family would allow others to believe. Perhaps they secretly hoped he would die in battle so he could not sully the family name further. It was destiny, maybe, when Mmrruh was assigned to the noble’s squad for the pending fight. Mmrruh did as he always did on the field of battle. He fought with skill and protected his squad mates without hesitation. He would yell his family name whenever he took down an enemy. This was not lost on the young noble as Mmrruh saved his life no less than five times in one battle.
    The young noble befriended Mmrruh first out of a sense of gratitude and obligation. But it did not take long for a greater bond to be formed between them. Mmrruh was never hateful toward those of higher station. His desire to see his family name become great was not an act of vengeance. It was a desire for validation and to prove that the Arieh family name was worthy to be considered nobility.
    To show his gratitude, the noble Rakasta had the best armor and weapons he could afford – no small amount of money – created for Mmrruh. He said that Mmrruh’s equipment should reflect his skill and honor the battlefield. Mmrruh humbly accepted the gifts and, of course, made good use of them for the rest of his days.
    The Arieh family name is in the history books – not as an aside mention, but as a noted family that was known for the bravery, skill, and honor of their soldiers.

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      1. Thanks. I’m glad you like it.
        I don’t know. I guess I can kick around something. What do you want to know about Mmrruh Arieh?
        The Rakasta is a race from the original D&D game world – the world of Mystara. Mystara is one of my favorite worlds. I spent a lot of time running campaigns there.
        I honestly don’t know much about the Rakasta because I never read up on them. My old campaigns typically didn’t have them around. So, I made up the family thing.
        I liked the picture, and that made it a little easier to come up with something.
        Again, I’m glad you like it.

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        1. What I want to know, hmm… a lot, actually. Everything you wrote is so much fun… it would be fun to see his friendship with the young noble growing, and his rise to where he eventually found himself settled. But well, I’m a curious little bird, you know. :)

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