A meatless week?

Hello, my darlings! How are you doing? Well, I hope!

I’m doing well enough. Life’s a bit rushed, but things should start getting slower the closer we get to the holidays. I can’t wait for those sweet, sweet days off.

Until then, I’m dealing with tiredness, the heat, and some boredom, as you do. And, since I need to fill the weeks until the holidays, I thought I’d make a few week-long changes to my lifestyle.

This one is a meat-free week. I’d have started it today, but the order I placed without meat came with, and I didn’t feel comfortable wasting food, so I’ll start tomorrow and go on until the next Tuesday. Once that time is over, I’ll have to think of something for the next week – or maybe go a while longe without meat, who knows?

What about you? Have you chosen to go without something for any length of time for no reason other than because you wanted to? If so, what was it and how long did you last? And, do you have any suggestions of things I should try to go without next? (I’m already mostly going without coffee, so this one’s out)

See you all on the next post!


14 thoughts on “A meatless week?”

  1. I have given up some foods now and then. My problem there is dealing with the cravings, especially if I decide to let myself have the foods again. So, I try to simply limit the amount of some foods I have.
    I guess the one thing I have given up before (and didn’t like it) was caffeine. I stayed away from anything caffeinated for a little over a week just to see how I would react and if I could do it. I guess it was not a bad experience, but I cannot deny a slight caffeine addiction. I did get a headache after 3 days, and I did have a little fatigue that I know I would not have experienced with caffeine. Needless to say, I was back on caffeine without much hesitation. I guess the only thing that makes it “okay” is that I limit my intake considerably. I usually do not have more than one caffeinated beverage per day. I also go more than a day without caffeine quite often. I try to drink plenty of water, too. I know having it all the time is not good, so I do make an effort to be moderate.

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    1. Right there with you regarding the caffeine! Due to the insomnia I already mentioned, I try to limit my intake and not have anything with caffeine after four-ish. But I also really have to admit that more than a few days without it makes me tired and cranky. But maybe I’m just a cranky person in general? Hmm… Food for thought!

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          1. Boring? Relative to who? I don’t subscribe to being considered exciting or boring. To some, I am very exciting 😉 To others, I am considered a grumpy old man . And to others still, I am weird and/or a complete bore. It just is what it is.
            The only person you need to be worried about being bored with is you.

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            1. That’s true. I’m honestly fine being boring. A boring life is not a bad thing after you hit your 3.0, to be honest. 🙂 And well, I never told you you’re a grumpy old man, but now that you mention it… (just kidding!) I’m actually pretty fine with myself, so I guess that’s what counts! Food for thought there!

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    1. I won’t say it’s a failure in the way of ‘not doing it’, but I can’t wait for it to end! It really isn’t something that works out for me! And I’m not even that much of a carnivore! Also, going without Coca Cola sounds like a nightmare!

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  2. I kinda like to test to be without certain things to see what happens, but it always is HARD. I do keep returning to an occasional no coffee/cola month and strangely enough it makes me feel great but it sure is a total celebration when that month is finally over!!!


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