Short Sunday post – Brazilian AMA

Hello, my pretties! How are you all doing? Well, I hope!

I’m doing alright, though it’s been a very, very long week, so I thought I’d make a short post and open up the comments for questions.

A lot of my readers (all of you?) are from countries other than Brazil, so I thought I’d leave this post open for questions you all might have! Feel free to ask any questions – cultural customs, population, food, History, language, etc. If you do want to talk politics, please understand I’m less political than most people, but I will answer your questions to the best of my ability!

As for when this AMA will go on the blog, probably next Sunday! Feel free to comment here (best choice) or send me your questions via email, Instagram, Twitter (dms), Discord, or any other form of communication you choose!

See you all on the next post!