Just a little thing I forgot…

Because I have a worse memory than Finding Nemo‘s Dory, I had to forget to add a little something to my latest post. Of course.

If you want to read some posts from an actual Game/Dungeon Master, pay Scott’s blog a visit and check out his Game Night posts! You won’t regret it! Or maybe you will because you’ll get addicted to them!

I claim no responsibility if you do! See you on the next post!

How does roleplaying work?

Hello, my pretties! How are you all? Doing well, I hope! I’m doing well… a bit bored of being home and waiting for my turn to be vaccinated to come (we’re still working on the elderly population here, so I need to be patient). How is vaccination going where you all are? I’m curious!

Pleasantries aside, I came here to talk about roleplaying today. Again. First things first, I want to add the disclaimer that this is not about anything sexual. That’s better left for another blogger, I suppose.

This is about the game or collaborative writing kind of roleplay. I do mention it here often, so I thought I’d talk about it in more general terms just so we’re all on the same page

We’re going to talk about two kinds of roleplaying here: roleplaying games and the kind of roleplaying I do, which has very little of the “game” aspect and a lot of the “roleplaying” aspect.

Role-playing games, or RPGs, are something a lot of people has probably heard of. If you have ever heard of Dungeons and Dragons, you have heard of RPGs. There are other systems as well, of course – such as GURPS, the World of Darkness (old and new), and others. If someone can remember others, please comment on them, I’m sure I’m forgetting something important!

Roleplaying, without the gaming element, is what I usually mean when I post here. It’s simply when a group or pair of people come together, choose a setting, create characters, and start creating a story together, by playing their main characters and several other side characters (those would be the NPCs on role-playing games) to craft a plot until completion, or until everyone involved gets bored.

This second kind is much more flexible, in my opinion. You get to choose the venue – face to face, via some voice chatting system, email, discord, forums, or pretty much any kind of communication system you choose. When it’s a one-on-one relationship, you get even more flexible, as you don’t have to worry about turns. When you have a group, you need a little more work on making things organized, storing character sheets, recording the important info, whatever it happens to be, etc. In my case, I tend to store everything in a Google Doc or shared folder, so everyone involved can have access to the important info in one place, or, if everyone is in agreement, create forums to store all of it within the same site we’re writing our stories. If the roleplay involves a group, I usually also create some house rules to deal with chance, establishing what we dice roll for and what each result means. I do try to keep the roleplays dice mechanics-light, though, as I don’t usually do combat-heavy plots.

Well… I’m thinking of more things about how I deal with roleplays, but I can’t really think of much more to say, as I currently only have a few one-on-one stories happening on Discord, and those are with a close friend and my girlfriend, so we have much more leeway to do things as we please!

I might come back to this in the future, if there’s any more to say! Do you have questions, opinions, or anything to add that I might have forgotten? Talk to me in the comments!

See you on the next post!

The roleplay story I dropped

Hello, my pretties! How are you all? Well, I hope!

I’m doing well-ish, let’s say. My wisdom tooth decided to bother me, but such is life. It happens every now and then, because screw me, that’s why! It’ll pass soon, so let us move on and try to ignore it, shall we?

In the comments of the latest post, there was some mention of the roleplay idea I had tried to start and ended up dropping, and some curiosity about what it is. It’s nothing big or really overly original (note: I believe there are very few fully original ideas, and what ends up making a difference is the execution), but it was something I was really looking forward to.

So, here goes nothing: The original idea was loosely based on the TV show The Tudors, and sort of a do-over to another roleplay we had already done in the past. The story had been put on the shelf when the old forum where it was happening closed down. I have to confess stopping it at that moment was sort of refreshing, as it was already getting tiring due to some of the core characters (all written by the same person) interacting only with each other, even with attempts to get them to break the group and interact with others, which was necessary for the plot to actually work.

After a new site was opened, I decided to try the do-over, with less characters and a simple rule: if you have more than one character, they can’t be spouses or lovers (which had been part of the undoing of the latest attempt).

Of course, that didn’t really work out, did it? The person who had those three characters – and who is an admin on the forum – said they wanted to claim those three again, even though it would put them on the wrong side of this specific rule. I have to confess I didn’t see any reason to try and fight it, so I withdrew the pitch. Back to the drawing board, I guess. Maybe I can look for another group who’s into courtly intrigues and wants to branch out and interact with a diverse cast of characters, who knows? I’m learning from my mistakes, as I tend to be too lenient and let people do whatever they want to keep the peace. That’s 100% on me.

Fellow roleplayers and game masters, how about you share a big mistake you have made in the past with me? Just to make me feel better?

See you all on the next post!