Random thing I like: werewolves

Hello, people! How are you all? Well, I hope.

I’m… doing better, so I’m back here to ramble on about something you probably don’t even care much about. Yes, children, this crazy lady is gonna talk about werewolves today. 

Why werewolves? Because. Just because. To be honest, it’s just one of those themes one is fascinated about for no other reason than because they’re fascinating.

My story with werewolves (no, sorry, I don’t know an actual werewolf – or that’s my story and I’ll stick to it) started early on in my life. My mother comes from a very small town, and, being born in 1950, she grew up during a time in which they didn’t have electricity (it was a gas motor that lit everything, and it was turned off at night). Darkness brings fear. Fear brings legends. And there was often a legend about the local werewolf.

Werewolf legends come from very early on in history (if you go way back to Greek mythology, you’ll find the story of King Lycaon, who served human flesh to Zeus and was punished with a curse), and vary some from place to place. What they have in common is that these monsters are often cursed, and are humans who turn into wolves or a mix of wolf and human, often during the full moon.

The reasons for the curse of the werewolf are various. In my mother’s small town, the werewolf was the seventh male child of any family. And you know he was a werewolf because he looked pale and tired, and often avoided religious symbols and refused to go to church.

And, according to the local version of the myth, you got rid of the curse by cutting a limb off of the afflicted. They would stop changing, and would, naturally, not have that cut limb for the rest of their days. I’ve heard this story several times before I could even read, and it became ingrained in my psyche.

As I got older, I started reading about legends and myths, and watching movies – when my parents weren’t watching, of course. I became completely fascinated with those cursed creatures. They were tortured monsters, and something about me just felt a rapport with those monsters. I was curious about them, and, even though they were often included in scary movies, I was much more interested in their plight than anything going on around them.

Then I became even older and started branching out into the online world and the roleplaying game world, roughly at the same time.

And during my incursions on both worlds, I started learning of a roleplaying game about werewolves. You could read about a long history and varied culture, about myths and legends, about how one became a werewolf, and you could ‘become’ one yourself, by creating a character hailing from tribes all over the world and playing them with other people.

I was hooked. Curiosity caused me to go after the books. I got the second edition (yes, I’m old) and gobbled it up. Then the third. When I was reading the third edition, I met some people who were into the game as well. We talked, and tentatively started writing together. Then we created a group, our own personal lore, and our own pack. It was a lot of fun. That group sadly fell apart due to the Storyteller’s ego not accepting that her characters were not the center of everyone’s world.

I was out of a group again, but as soon as the 20 year anniversary edition came out, I met other people who wanted to play. And we did, for a while.

Now I’m out of a group again, but my fascination will never die. I’ll always love werewolves, I’ll always love writing about them as though I’m one of them, and, maybe, I’ll write something about them in the near future.

Okay, I’ve rambled on enough already, haven’t I?

I think I’d like to hear about your themes of interest now. What themes are you kind of obsessed with? Share them with me, you might teach me a  new obsession!

See you all on the next post!

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